Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3865

Bernard Elnor nodded in dismay and said helplessly, “Okay, I’m the one who wasn’t strict enough in my words, how about this, just say a price straight away, how much do I need to match the goods for this matter to come to an end?”

Ye Chen smiled slightly, looked at Zhang Ermao and asked, “Ermao, what else do you have here that is good, hurry up and introduce it to Mr. Elnor.”

Zhang Ermao usually cheated people countless times, but at this time, he was also confused by Ye Chen’s trick, and hesitated for half a day, but did not know where to start.

Ye Chen shook his head with hatred and shook his head, picked out a white square from the pile and asked him, “Zhang Ermao, what is this?”

Zhang Ermao said awkwardly, “This …… this …… this …… this ……”

Ye Chen saw his face was not confident, immediately reprimanded in a loud voice: “You old this ah this ah this what, be confident, say it out loud, what is this!”

Zhang Ermao said stiffly, “Back to Master Ye, this is the heirloom jade seal!”

“Awesome!” Ye Chen gave him a thumbs up and sighed in admiration, turned to Bernard Aylneau and said, “Mr. Aylneau, you heard it just now, this is called the Heirloom Jade Seal, legend has it that it was carved by Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who ordered Li Si to carve it, it is one of the most precious cultural relics in China, it is very significant, I reckon it won’t come down without a hundred million.”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen waved his hand and said seriously, “But you should not be too expensive, the appreciation of this thing is very large, maybe it will double in less than two years, when the time comes, we may even find you to buy it back at a doubled price.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ye Chen hurriedly said, “Of course, I said ‘possibly’, because we do not promise to buy it back.”

Saying that, Ye Chen added, “Also, as I said earlier, this heirloom jade seal, is a legendary item, and since it is legendary, there is naturally no way to tell if it is real or fake, so we do not promise to guarantee authenticity either.”

Bernard Elnor smiled miserably and asked Ye Chen: “This gentleman …… you can earn my money, but you don’t have to insult my intelligence, do you?”

Ye Chen said very seriously, “How can you say that? When we do business, it’s all about honesty, as the saying goes! Since I am going to sell you this item, I must explain the situation to you clearly, otherwise in case of disputes, it will not be good for you or me, so you must approve of this item, be sure that it is alright, and that you buy it willingly and will not back out before I will sell it to you.”

Bernard Elnor completely collapsed.

He sort of understood Ye Chen’s path.

Not only did he want to sell this pile of rubbish, at an extremely high price, but he also wanted himself to act willingly, and even wanted himself to show that he believed the item was real, which was the same as completely giving up the right to maintain the rights after the sale, wasn’t this just trying to get rid of everything while trying to plunder the money?

Thinking of this, he questioned angrily, “Is this how your boss does business? I can understand even if you want me to allocate goods out of revenge, but do you still want me to allocate hundreds of millions of dollars of goods? What’s even more outrageous is that your stuff is all fake! My shop has never sold fake goods, even if the dispensing requirements are high!”

Ye Chen’s face darkened and he immediately shoved the heirloom jade seal into Zhang Ermao’s arms and said, “Zhang Ermao, since this foreign old man doesn’t believe our stuff is real, then we can’t sell this stuff to him no matter what.

Bernard Elnor was dumbfounded, he didn’t expect Ye Chen to run over to him with a flurry of insults to his intelligence, only to have this guy flip out first.

Just when he hadn’t come back to his senses, Ye Chen took out his mobile phone and called Richard Chen directly.

Over there, Richard Chen had been waiting for a long time, so he answered in an instant. As soon as the call came through, Ye Chen said, “Mr. Chen, No. 016 refuses to allocate the goods, let the security guards clear them out, and let the first-in-line alternate take his place!”