Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4339

Li Yalin’s subordinates were well aware of the seriousness of this matter.

In a country like the United States, where law enforcement is extremely clear and restricted in every way, following a public figure without the permission of his superiors would probably lead to a lot of public pressure once it was revealed.

However, he was one of Li Yalin’s inner circle and was very obedient to Li Yalin’s orders, so he did not dare to delay and immediately said, “Chief, then I will go and investigate!”

Li Yalin instructed, “Remember, don’t miss any clues! Maybe one inadvertent discovery can affect the whole case!”

The other party nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve been with you for so many years, don’t you still understand my style of action?”

Saying that, he looked at the time and said, “It’s already past two in the morning, I’ll try to bring back the clues you want before nine in the morning!”

Li Yalin nodded his head and said, “Hard work!”

As his men left, Li Yalin’s heart, finally, had a hint of hidden excitement.

Since Fei Hao Yang had been kidnapped, he had been very depressed because he could not find any clues, and now he also finally saw a glimmer of hope.

At this time in New York, it was already night gods, but the city, however, was not asleep.

Fei Hao Yang’s video was still spreading extremely fast on the internet.

Countless New Yorkers were so stimulated by the video that they could hardly sleep, and the people were all in a very complicated mood, either angry, or nervous, or scared, or anxious.

People are constantly voicing their opinions on the matter online, while many have also started to denounce the Fayers online.

Although everyone knew that all these things were the personal actions of Fei Hao Yang, the sober public was well aware that Fei Hao Yang was able to commit so many untold crimes, thanks in large part to the blessing of the Fei family’s halo and the support of the Fei family’s financial power.

The Fei family’s reputation, all of a sudden, hit rock bottom and became the object of everyone’s scorn.

And Fei Shanhai, as the head of the Fei family in the eyes of the public, had also become the target of wild attacks by netizens at this time.

Fei Ke Xin did not immediately come out to make a statement on behalf of the Fei family, and Fei Shanhai’s whole mood was unusually low as he watched so many people on the internet scold him to death.

He wanted to beg Fei Ke Xin to come out and make a statement, and also officially announce that Fei Ke Xin had replaced himself as the new head of the family.

However, he did not dare to go to Fei Kexin to make such an announcement.

After all, it was already extraordinarily kind of Fei Ke Xin and the old man not to settle the score with him for seizing power, so if he still went over to make a request at this time, he would simply be asking for trouble.

Moreover, he knew very well that Ye Chen had already explained to Fei Kexin that the official launch would be held tomorrow morning.

This also means that from now until tomorrow, before the launch begins, he or she will have to take the bullet for the entire Fei family.


The next morning.

Just as the ma*ses of netizens on the internet were raging, cursing Fei Hao Yang and Fei Shan Hai to death all night long, another video was suddenly posted on the internet.

In the video, the bodies of Fei Hao Yang and Qiao Fei Yun were lying in front of an incinerator. The person who shot the video had them identified and then pushed the two bodies into the incinerator and burnt them cleanly with a fire.

From the identification of the bodies, to their being pushed into the incinerator and set on fire, to their being reduced to a pile of ashes, the entire video is uncut and is shot in one take.

At the end of the video, the video publisher uses Chinese subtitles to present seven big words: “Good and evil will be rewarded in the end.

As soon as this video was released, it immediately exploded all over the internet.

People only knew that Fei Hao Yang had been kidnapped and that his ears had been brutally cut off by the kidnappers, but they did not know what Fei Hao Yang’s current condition was.

And now, the fact that the two culprits of the whole thing were both executed by the kidnappers instantly excited everyone!

They knew very well in their hearts that once these two men were arrested and brought to justice, then these two men would definitely only be sentenced to life imprisonment.