Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4146

Chen Zhao Zhong did not understand that he had already told Ye Chen the extent of the danger of the matter without reservation, but Ye Chen was not the least bit moved.

He couldn’t help but sigh: “Young Master Ye wouldn’t really think that he could control such a situation, would he ……”

When he thought of this, he couldn’t help but stifle his wrist: “Compared to Young Master Chang Ying, although Young Master Ye is courageous, his outlook on the big picture is still much worse …… If you can’t escape today, won’t Young Master Chang Ying be extinct?”

When Chen Zhao Zhong thought this, his whole body was like an electric shock.

He knew that Ye Chang Ying only had one son, Ye Chen, and moreover, it was only today that he knew that Ye Chen was actually still alive.

Therefore, he could not accept in any way that his benefactor’s only son would perish here.

He felt that his death was nothing to be regretted, as he had been languishing for more than 20 years, but Ye Chen was still young, and he had the bloodline of Ye Chang Ying and An Cheng Qing, two of the most powerful men in the world, so no matter what, he could not stand by and watch him die here!

So he immediately took out his mobile phone and subconsciously prepared to call 911.

At this moment, he no longer cared whether Ye Chen would stop him or whether he would be angry, in his opinion, saving Ye Chen’s life was the most important.

However, when he pulled out his phone and was about to unlock it, he suddenly noticed that the word no service was displayed in the top right corner of the phone!

He exclaimed, “This is the middle of New York City! How can there be no carrier signal? Could …… Could …… Could it be that they have blocked the mobile phone signal?!”

Chen Zhao Zhong was right in his guess.

Qiao Feiyun was worried that in case the Iga ninja encountered a tangle during their operation, giving Gu Qiuyi time and opportunity to call the police, that would greatly increase the difficulty of their operation.

In that case, if Gu Qiuyi called the police, all the plans would be ruined.

Therefore, he deliberately reminded Fei Hao Yang to install multiple signal blockers within a 20-metre radius of Gu Qiuyi’s room.

This kind of signal shield can isolate radio signals very well, once it is turned on, whether it is a mobile phone signal or an intercom signal, it will be completely cut off.

Moreover, he had given the remote control switch of the signal blocker to Kazuo Hattori, so that whenever he felt that the time was right and he was ready to make a move, he would immediately cut off the signal.

Just a minute ago.

Two of Hattori Kazuo’s men had just walked a few metres past Gu Qiuyi’s room when they accidentally spilled the red wine they were about to carry to the front, which stained the pure wool woven carpet with a red stain.

They immediately asked the two men to replace the carpet, so they took a fresh roll of carpet from the equipment room and prepared to replace it.

The six bodyguards at the door were a little wary of this, but they were only a little more concerned about the waiters, not immediately aware of the approaching danger.

At this moment, Kazuo Hattori suddenly pressed the remote control in his pocket and the signal blocker instantly started to work, then he gave a wink to his men who were about to change the carpet and their hands immediately reached into the rolled up carpet.

Inside the carpet, a dozen or so poisoned shuriken were hidden.

This kind of cold weapon, like the Little Li Flying Daggers, is extremely powerful and can be used silently because it is quenched with a poison that seals the throat.

Once they each had four shuriken in their hands, they exchanged a glance with each other, and at that moment, Kazuo Hattori suddenly struck!

He turned around in an instant with great speed and fired his four shuriken at two of the bodyguards.

The others followed suit, and in a flash, nearly twenty shuriken raced towards the six bodyguards.

The six bodyguards realised that they were in danger and before they could react, their bodies were stabbed by the shuriken and they died instantly!

The whole process took less than two seconds!

Immediately afterwards, Hattori Kazuo quickly gave a wink to his men, who immediately replenished their shuriken and flew towards the door of the VIP room.

At this moment, Gu Qiuyi and Chen Duo inside the room were unaware of the danger outside the door.

Because, in the banquet hall next door, the charity dinner had already officially started, and the sound of the host speaking and the sound of the applause on the floor made them unable to hear the movement outside the door.

And at this time, Chen Duo Duo was still wondering and muttered, “Huh, why is there no internet ……”

On the other side, Chen Zhao Zhong was already extremely nervous, he knew that the lack of internet on his mobile phone must be a signal that the other side was ready to make a move, he had already missed his last chance, right now he was afraid that there was only one way to wait for death.