Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4145

When Ye Chen saw this, he knew that this Fei Hao Yang, it turned out, was Fei Ke Xin’s nephew.

He then said to Gu Qiuyi, “Coincidentally, I know this Fei Haoyang’s aunt.”

“Ah?” Gu Qiuyi asked in surprise, “How do you know his aunt?”

Ye Chen laughed, “That’s a long story.”

At this time, Ye Chen received another message on his phone, “Mr. Ye, Qiao Feiyun and Fei Hao Yang, used to study at the same university, and the two of them studied at the university at exactly the same time, which at least proves that the two of them are alumni.”

“f*ck!” Ye Chen cursed in his heart, and when he got to this message, his heart immediately cleared up, and he couldn’t help but think: “I couldn’t find this Qiao Feiyun anywhere, so he came to New York to join Fei Hao Yang!”

“The Fei family is powerful, and New York is the Fei family’s backyard, how can their strength and resources in New York be compared to those of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?”

“If Qiao Feiyun had been hiding in the Fei family, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple might not be able to find his whereabouts even if they searched for another month!”

Thus, Ye Chen was very firmly convinced that today’s charity dinner was a set up by Fei Haoyang for Gu Qiuyi, and it was even likely that Qiao Feiyun was behind the plot!

At this moment, Ye Chen’s expression had become very ugly.

He really did not expect that the young master of the Fei family would be so bold as to even dare to touch his sister, Ye Chen!

At this moment, Chen Zhao Zhong also saw that Ye Chen’s expression was not right, and quickly said in a low voice: “Young Master Ye, if the other party really has bad intentions, I’m afraid that with just a few bodyguards outside, it would be difficult to deal with it, and I presume that the other party will definitely choose to make a move against us when the charity dinner officially starts, so it seems that we only have a five-minute window of time left. ”

With that, he immediately added, “I have a reprieve, call 911 right now and tell them that someone here is planning a terrorist attack using explosives.”

“In New York, a terrorist attack is a top level incident, once a call is received in relation to a terrorist attack, the police take it extremely seriously, a special operations team will arrive by helicopter within five minutes, and within ten minutes of receiving the call, the NYPD will have at least over three hundred officers from the surrounding area on the scene to support them;”

“What’s more, this is the Fay family’s property and the young master of the Fay family is here tonight, the police will only take it more seriously and will not rest until the place is turned upside down!”

“By then, the ma*sive influx of SWAT and police officers will be able to completely disrupt their plans for tonight, and we will be safe for the time being!”

Hearing this, Ye Chen could not help but be surprised at Chen Zhao Zhong’s speed of response.

He had not expected that Chen Zhao Zhong would be able to come up with a series of solutions in such a short period of time.

The 9/11 time that had shocked the world back then had happened in New York and was a permanent pain for the city, so he believed in what Chen Zhao Zhong said, once the city’s police received a call about a terrorist attack, they would definitely do everything they could to respond quickly.

What’s more, this was the Fei family’s territory, the Fei family’s young master was hosting a party here tonight, and if an attack did occur, the consequences would be unthinkable.

This would certainly make the police even more nervous.

Therefore, the feasibility of this solution was almost 100 percent.

However, Ye Chen was not going to use Chen Zhao Zhong’s method.

He smiled faintly and said to Chen Zhaozhong, “Uncle Zhong, to catch an adulterer in bed, to catch a thief, you have to catch the stolen goods! If you don’t catch the thief when he comes, but instead try to run away with your property, then you can run away for a while, but not for a lifetime, as long as the thief is still here, he will keep thinking about your property.”

After hearing this, Chen Zhao Zhong said with horror, “Young Master Ye, the other party is the young master of the Fei family, he does not know how many top experts are under him, with those bodyguards of ours alone, I’m afraid we are no match for them ah, the most important thing for us now is to retreat with our whole body, and then think of a countermeasure, stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood ……”

The most important thing to do is to retreat and then think of a solution.