Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3743

“Yes.” Chen Ying Shan was busy saying, “It’s in the pile of specific information at the back.”

“Good!” Fei Ke Xin immediately flipped out Ye Chen’s information, opened it and immediately saw Ye Chen’s ID photo.

She instantly clenched her fists and said excitedly, “It really is him!”

After saying that, she gently tapped her finger on Ye Chen’s photo avatar and murmured, “Hello Master Ye, finally we meet again!”

She then immediately began to check Ye Chen’s official information, but after a cursory glance, she was surprised, “This Ye Chen, there’s no information about his family background?! No parents, no grandparents, grandma and grandparents, not even any relatives, did he just pop out of a crack in the stone?”

Chen Yinshan nodded and explained, “Miss, this Ye Chen’s birth is rather pitiful, the official information shows that he was abandoned at birth and then adopted by the Jinling orphanage, the management of the household register was also rather chaotic back then, so he stayed in the orphanage in a black state until he was eight years old, after he turned eight, the orphanage uniformly gave a group of orphans a collective household register, and only then was he considered to After he was eight years old, the orphanage gave a group of orphans a collective household registration, and only then did he have a household registration.”

This is how brilliant Tang Sihai was.

Ye Chen was actually admitted to the orphanage at the age of eight, and his household registration was not local to Jinling.

In order to make Ye Chen absolutely safe, he had to give Ye Chen a brand new identity, a local Jinling identity, and one that would stand up to scrutiny as well as not be recognized in the future.

That’s why he made up Ye Chen’s background, so that his official information showed that he had been abandoned by his parents after birth, unable to find his biological parents, and had been in an orphanage until he was eight years old, when he was registered through the orphanage.

In this way, it’s basically a seamless process.

After all, many babies who were abandoned and could not find their parents always ended up with their own household registration, and this kind of operation was considered routine.

When Fei Ke Xin saw this, she didn’t have any suspicions, she just couldn’t help but exclaim, “This Ye Chen’s life is actually so tragic? And it looks to me like he dropped out of high school and only studied at university for a year until he got married, and he doesn’t even have a degree.”

“Yes.” Chen Ying Shan also sighed, “It looks quite miserable, and after he got married, his household registration was moved out of the collective account of the orphanage and into Xiao Chang Kun’s family account, so if I’m not wrong, he should be the son-in-law of the Xiao family.”

“Door-to-door son-in-law?” Although Fei Ke Xin grew up in the United States, she was born and raised in a Chinese family after all, and was still very familiar with many of the customs unique to China.

She couldn’t help but frown and mutter, “This Master Ye, he’s actually a door-to-door son-in-law? If he is really that capable, why did he go to be a door-to-door son-in-law? Moreover, this Xiao family, their strength seems to be very, very average ……”

In her impression, the status of door-to-door son-in-law could be said to be a label for the lowest cla*s in Chinese society.

Only those whose families were very difficult, or whose family strength and status were too inferior to the woman’s, would give up their dignity and become a door-to-door son-in-law.

After all, just being a son-in-law means giving up a man’s face, or even his original family of origin.

Moreover, many Chinese families that Fei Kexin knew had their daughters as son-in-laws because they had no sons or wanted to be more prosperous. Those son-in-laws, although well-clothed and well-fed, had almost no dignity in front of their wives and their wives’ mothers’ families, and were often called upon and insulted in various ways.

Even the children they gave birth to had to take the family name of the woman’s family.

It was because of these impressions that Fei Ke Xin was incomparably surprised. She really could not understand why, if this Ye Chen was really very powerful, he had to be a son-in-law of a small, uncouth family?