Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3714

When Fei Ke Xin checked in to the presidential suite at Buckingham Palace, Ye Chen was finalising the details of the auction with Song Wanting and Chen Zekai.

Right now, Ye Chen’s greatest concern was the security of Buckingham Palace.

After all, the lure of the Spring Return Pill, which could exceed US$10 billion in value at any time, was too great, and there was no telling how many people would secretly have second thoughts about it.

Moreover, almost all of those who will come are top tycoons, and in this case, it is even more important to ensure the personal safety of these tycoons.

Otherwise, if something went wrong, who would dare to come to the auction in the future.

Therefore, Ye Chen asked the security system of Buckingham Palace to complete a new round of upgrading within the next fifteen days.

At the same time, he also had to inform Wan Breaking Army to send a large number of additional elite manpower from Wan Long Hall to strictly ensure the security of Buckingham Palace before the auction started.

Although Chen Zekai was under a lot of pressure, he still a*sured Ye Chen very firmly, “Young master, don’t worry, I will do my best to ensure that the auction is foolproof!”

Ye Chen nodded gently and said, “This year, let’s try to open the door first, I have already instructed Winter Snow to start preparing for the construction of a brand new auction centre, when the auction centre is completed, Hui Chun Tang’s auction will have a dedicated venue.”

The auction centre will become a new industry created by the Ye family and the Song family, and our Hui Chun Dan auction will continue to be held continuously, and this auction centre, apart from the Hui Chun Dan auction, can be used by Ji Qing Tang at any time. Think of it as your own home turf.”

Song Wanting was surprised and happy, but at the same time a little nervous, “Master Ye, this auction has become so influential in high society because of your Spring Return Pill, for Ji Qing Hall to come out and host this auction is already a privilege in three lifetimes for Wanting, for the future auction centre, how would Wanting dare to accept your favours again ……”

Song Wanting could not be clearer in her heart about how much weight Ji Qing Tang had.

This time, being able to borrow Ye Chen’s Spring Return Pill and make a name for herself among the world’s richest and wealthiest cla*s was already a great opportunity that Song Wanting could never have dreamed of, and now Ye Chen was going to bring the Song Group on board for a long-term partnership, which was even more of a huge favour to the Song family.

What’s more, a brand new auction centre, with an investment of at least several billion to start with, Ye Chen only allowed himself to contribute 20%, but the vast majority of this auction centre would be used by Jiqing Hall, which was even more of a great advantage to Ye Chen, and she dared not accept it no matter what she said.

Ye Chen saw that she did not know what to do, smiled slightly and said seriously: “Wanting, the auction centre is not a big investment, you have seen how hot the Spring Return Pill is, one or two pills a year can harvest tens of billions of dollars from these top tycoons, an auction centre can be done with a few hundred million dollars at most, it is not even worth a quarter of a Spring Return Pill, so you do not need to be so polite with me. polite, we are going to have a long-term strategic partnership in the future, don’t be held back by such a small matter.”

Song Wanting nodded gratefully and said seriously, “Master Ye, at that time, Jiqing Hall will be responsible for the daily operation of the auction centre, and all the income generated from the operation will be handed over to the Dihao Group!”

“Don’t.” Ye Chen waved his hand, “The income generated from your operation will be divided normally according to the investment ratio, but if it is for your Jiqing Hall’s own use, don’t report the income.”

Seeing this, Song Wanting no longer insisted more and said with a vein of affection in her eyes, “Okay Master Ye, Wanting understands!”

Only then did Ye Chen nod in satisfaction, and then asked her, “How is the registration situation now?”

Song Wanting busily said, “Master Ye, there are already nearly seven hundred people signed up.”

As she said that, she opened a document on her tablet and handed it to Ye Chen, saying respectfully, “Master Ye, all the registration information is here, and we have already started to review the a*set information they submitted. .”

Ye Chen nodded slightly, and then looked through this registration information.