Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3713

As he spoke, the two men had quickly left Fei Ke Xin’s side.

As she brushed past them, Fei Ke Xin saw the sides of their faces and the first thought that came to her mind was, “This young guy is quite handsome.”

And the two men who brushed past her were none other than Ye Chen and Richard Chen.

Ye Chen had just asked Song Wanting to come over to talk about the next details of the auction with Richard Chen, and when he arrived at the entrance of the hotel, Richard Chen was already waiting at the door.

When they met, Chen Zekai first told him that those Wan Long Temple generals who had been ambushing Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals had captured several agents who had infiltrated Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals last night and at noon today, and that these people were now under tight control but had not yet been transferred.

At the same time, the Wan Long Temple generals also found a man who was sneaking around Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals. Although this man looked like a Chinese, because he had been photographed by Hong Wu’s minions when he had just arrived in Jin Ling and left customs before, he was now found at Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals and was immediately put under close surveillance.

According to Chen Zekai, the man didn’t do much more than digging in the vicinity of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals and collecting a bit of plant specimens, and did not infiltrate inside Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals.

Moreover, according to the investigation of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, it was found that the man’s name was Nakamura Junpei, a microbiologist of Japanese American descent as well as a pharmacologist.

For those agents, Ye Chen’s request was naturally to send them to Hong Wu for close supervision.

However, after learning that this Nakamura Junpei was a pharmaceutical research and development worker, Ye Chen was not prepared to have him captured as well.

On the contrary, he also asked Chen Zekai to instruct him to leave the guy alone and let him do as he pleased with his research.

After all, Ye Chen would have preferred the Americans to waste a little more time and energy in the dead end of reverse R&D.

Chen Zekai had been very careful when reporting these circumstances, using vague terms in many places and not daring to call Ye Chen young master outside, but neither he nor Ye Chen had expected that just this little conversation would still be overheard by someone with an agenda.

What Fei Ke Xin heard wasn’t much.

She only heard about sending people to Hong Wu’s place, who was Hong Wu, she didn’t know, and what Hong Wu’s place was, she didn’t know either.

However, when she heard Ye Chen mention the word Wanting, she was immediately concerned.

Because, she had a preliminary understanding of the Song Group before, and knew that the person in charge of the Song Group, was named Song Wanting.

Moreover, she had heard the word Miss Song from Chen Zekai’s mouth, and combining the words “Wanting” and “Song”, she was immediately sure that these two people were talking about Song Wanting.

At this point, she wondered in her mind, “Could Song Wanting be at Buckingham Palace right now? That really matches my previous speculation about Buckingham Palace! In that case, the likelihood of the Jiqing Hall auction being held at Buckingham Palace has risen from 70% to 99%!”

Immediately, she speculated, “That young man, to call Song Wanting by her first name, and to ignore her surname and call her Wanting, that proves that he is very close to Song Wanting, and that his social status is no less than Song Wanting’s, and possibly even higher than Song Wanting …… ”

“Another person called him Master Ye …… but he is young and looks to be in his twenties, that person is even older than him, so why should he respectfully call him Master?”

“And …… who is that middle-aged man beside him again? Why does it feel as if this place is his home turf?”

Thinking of this, she immediately called over Chen Ying Shan and instructed in a low voice, “Shan Shan, check the information of the person in charge of this hotel for me, preferably one with images!”