Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3712

In fact, Jiqing Hall has not yet announced the co-hosting of the auction with Buckingham Palace.

This was also Ye Chen’s intention.

Some time ago, the outside world thought that the Ye Family had been half eaten up by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and many people intended to draw a line in the sand with the Ye Family, so the business of the hundreds of Buckingham Palace hotels around the world had been affected to a considerable extent.

Ye Chen was planning to use this auction this time to give those rich people a good smack in the face, so that they would have to stay at Buckingham Palace in order to attend the auction.

However, he did not intend to announce this news immediately, this was because if the auction venue was announced early, there would definitely be many people with ulterior motives or evil intentions who would step on the auction venue in advance.

There might even be people who had their eyes on the Spring Return Pill and wanted to do something about the venue.

Therefore, Ye Chen planned to put this suspense until the end and let those rich people who had signed up for the auction, after they arrived at Jinling, the organizer Jiqing Hall would arrange for them to check in at Buckingham Palace directly, and at that time, the room fee for one night would be one million, ten million, or one hundred million, just make your own price.

Anyway, the Buckingham Palace will be closed in advance, so those who do not stay here will not have the opportunity to participate in the auction.

Moreover, during this period of time, he could secretly prepare for the renovation of the ballroom of Buckingham Palace and the security work to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

But what Ye Chen did not expect was that his intention was detected by a woman he had never met before, who was different.

Like Su Zhiyu, Fei Kexin was a member of the elite cla*s carefully cultivated by the extended family, but the only difference was that Fei Kexin had started her practical work in her teens, while Su Zhiyu had been a student until she was pushed into the high position of head of the Su family by Ye Chen, and had even originally planned to continue her studies in the United States.

So, although there was not much difference in their ages and upbringing, Fei Ke Xin was a great deal better than Su Zhiyu in terms of acting style as well as refinement.

When she realised that something was not quite right at Buckingham Palace, she immediately surmised in her heart that there must be some kind of connection between Buckingham Palace and Jiqing Hall.

She was even 70% sure that Buckingham Palace was the actual venue for the Spring Return Pill auction.

So, she immediately asked Chen Ying Shan to book a room at Buckingham Palace, and the group was then escorted by a pick-up team to Buckingham Palace.

At this time at Buckingham Palace, business was still somewhat depressed.

Although the entire executive wing was closed to the public, the occupancy rate of the remaining half of the rooms was only about 30 per cent.

For a hotel that had an occupancy rate of over 80% most of the time in previous years, it was simply colder than during New Year’s Eve.

Inside the hotel’s lobby, the number of service staff was even greater than the number of guests.

When Fei Ke Xin stepped into the hotel lobby, she also felt a little surprised that a five-star hotel was doing such a dismal business, which was really a bit unexpected.

As she stood in the middle of the empty lobby, looking around and wondering, two men quickly pa*sed by her.

As they pa*sed, she heard the younger man say, “Take those few people to Hong Wu’s place, and as for the researcher, leave him alone and let him do his research.”

The older man nodded and said, “Yes, Master Ye.”

Immediately afterwards, the young man called Master Ye asked, “Has Wanting arrived yet?”

The older man said, “Miss Song has arrived.”