Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3933

When the rich man surnamed Li saw that the other party was no longer raising the price, his body was already unconsciously excited to the point of trembling.

Song Wanting was also baffled.

A quarter of a rejuvenation pill could be auctioned for US$38.2 billion, and it exceeded all of the Song family’s a*sets, which simply overturned all of her perceptions ……

However, she still began to ask in a very professional manner, “Thirty eight billion dollars once, is there a higher price than that?”

The whole room was dead silent.

More than shock, these people were desperate.

They had finally found the miracle of life.

But none of them had expected that the miracle of life would be this D*mn expensive.

Song Wanting then asked twice in a row before finally dropping the hammer: “Congratulations to bidder No. 009, who has won the last of tonight’s rejuvenation pills at a price of US$38.2 billion!”

The rich man surnamed Li was already in tears by now.

The staff member came to him, handed him the mobile phone and spoke, “No. 009, you have half an hour to complete the payment, if the payment fails, the opportunity will be reserved for No. 029 who just bid US$38.1 billion.”

Hope returned to the previously unsuccessful No. 029, the British tycoon, whose desperate expression was now in the grip of despair!

He said in his heart, “God bless, Jesus bless, the Virgin Mary bless, please make sure that the Korean’s payment process goes wrong, this is the last chance I have to survive!”

The moment the rich man surnamed Lee reached for his phone, his expression was not only excited, but also a heartache and nervousness like never before.

The reason for the heartache was that for the Li family, whose total a*sets exceeded US$200 billion, although the money could be taken out, it would probably drain all the cash flow.

So much so that if he wanted to continue to maintain the Li family’s various industries, he would have to immediately sell some of his a*sets at a low price to repay the blood, otherwise the entire Li family could be in a dead end with a broken capital chain.

In that case, not only would the Li family lose US$32 billion, its fixed a*sets would also definitely be discounted by a considerable amount, and the total a*sets of perhaps US$200 billion would only be left at less than US$150 billion or even less after this incident.

It is definitely a major injury to the vitality.

As for why he was nervous, it was because he knew very well in his heart that if he paid the US$38.2 billion, those children and grandchildren who had always treated him with immense respect and filial piety would definitely hate him to the bone.

This is because not only will their future inheritance be greatly reduced, but the cycle of their inheritance will also be greatly lengthened.

Originally, they could have inherited US$200 billion in a*sets in a few months’ time.

And after he had paid the US$38.2 billion, their inheritable a*sets would shrink by at least US$50 billion, and they would have to wait at least a few years or even a decade before they could inherit.

However, there was nothing he could do about it.

So, in his heart, he roared to himself with determination, “It’s me! I am the one who created the whole Li dynasty! With one hand, I created everything that is now the Li family! This sense of achievement has surpa*sed all others, even that of having children and grandchildren! I am too eager to live on, too eager to continue to be the master of this dynasty! I can’t let go of this!”

“For this ultimate goal, what if my children and grandchildren all turn against me? I have already given them a privileged life and an easy life, and now I cannot sacrifice myself just so they can have the best of it! After today, even if I have to die alone for the rest of my life, I will not hesitate to do so!”