Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4205

When Fei Hao Yang saw Qiao Fei Yun crying and begging like a dead dog, he had a flash of light in his heart and immediately looked up at the monitor overhead and shouted, “Are you there, Master Wan, Master Wan? It was this Qiao Feiyun who gave me the idea to kidnap Miss Gu! All the details were planned by him, he is the mastermind ah Wan Hall Master, please take a message to Mr. Ye for me, beg Mr. Ye to give me a lenient treatment ah ……”

Qiao Feiyun’s whole body was dumbfounded at hearing this, how could he have expected that the moment Fei Hao Yang opened his mouth, he was dumping the pot on himself!

Moreover, listening to the meaning of these words, it seemed as if the person behind this matter was behind the arrest of himself because of Gu Qiuyi, if that was the case, then it should not be the same wave as the gang that killed his brother, right?

Thinking of this, he blurted out almost without thinking, “Fei Hao Yang! Don’t you f*cking spit on people! This was all your idea! You’re the one who went crazy and tried to get Miss Gu, I had nothing to do with it!”

Fei Hao Yang cursed angrily, “You usually lick me with your tongue out behind my a*s, but now that something has happened, you say you had nothing to do with it, you made the plan to kidnap Miss Gu, you found the ninjas from Japan, you even arranged the boat that was going to blow up the ninjas, maybe that boat is still parked at the pier, Mr. Ye! Wise and wise, just send a few of the elite soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and you will be able to investigate everything, do you think you can get away with just moving your lips?”

When Qiao Feiyun heard this, he knew it would be difficult to clear his name this time, so he looked at Fei Hao Yang and said angrily, “Surnamed Fei, the moment you see me, all you f*cking think about is dumping the pot, you simply have less brains! Don’t you f*cking understand? We are both gra*shoppers on the same rope!”

Fei Hao Yang also saw Qiao Feiyun’s face and said coldly, “When you dump the pot, you say it was my own idea, but when you can’t get rid of it, you say you’re a gra*shopper on the same rope, you’re really sinister and cunning, Qiao Feiyun! That’s how you dragged me down!”

Qiao Feiyun was shivering with anger and said through clenched teeth, “You say I dragged you into this? If you hadn’t been so evil at school, why would I have been in your good graces? It’s obvious that I was led astray by you, and now you’re even biting me back!”

At this moment, in the surveillance room upstairs, Wan Bajun saw the two of them dog-biting dog and immediately cut down this video and sent it to Ye Chen.

After seeing this video, Ye Chen replied to him, “It’s better to let Hattori Kazuo go.”

Wan Bajun immediately sent a voice message to Ye Chen and said, “Don’t worry, Mr Ye, my subordinate will make the arrangements.”

With that, he then instructed the men by his side, “Go and get Hattori Kazuo.”

“Yes!” Immediately, his men fetched Hattori Kazuo over.

Hattori Kazuo asked respectfully, “What are your orders, Hall Master Wan?”

Wan Bajun pointed at Qiao Feiyun on the monitor and said, “You should know this person, right?”

Hattori Kazuo fixed his eyes on him and instantly said angrily, “Hall Master Wan! This is the son of a b*tch who tricked us into coming to New York!”

“Good.” Wan Bajun nodded and spoke, “Mr. Ye has said that you should go and entertain him.”

Hattori Kazuo froze and quickly asked, “How …… am I going to entertain him, Master …… of the Temple?”

Wan Bajun said to the man beside him, “Give him your tactical dagger.”

“Yes, Hall Master!”

Without thinking, the henchman pulled out a dagger and handed it to Hattori Kazuo.

Hattori Kazuo, who himself hated Qiao Feiyun with a pa*sion, took the dagger, his eyes chilled and he said coldly, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Ye and Hall Master Wan, I will treat this son of a b*tch well!”