Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4361

Ye Chen saw Uncle Zhong giving himself a wink, and although he didn’t know exactly what the situation was, he had a good idea of what he meant, and knew that this woman who had been robbed of her mobile phone must have been a fraud.

However, Ye Chen did not leave immediately, but followed the woman into Uncle Zhong’s roast goose shop with a swagger.

Once inside, Ye Chen deliberately found a corner with his back to the door and sat down, then greeted Uncle Zhong, “Please have a roast goose with rice.”

Chen Zhao Zhong originally did not want Ye Chen to come in now, but seeing that he was sitting in a rather secluded position, he did not say anything more and promised, “Okay, wait a moment, I have to call the police for this girl first.”

After saying that, Chen Zhao Zhong took out his mobile phone, entered the three numbers 911, then looked at the girl and asked, “Girl, do you want to tell the police yourself or should I do it for you?”

The girl looked at Chen Zhaozhong gratefully and said, “Just lend me your phone for a while, I’ll tell the police myself.”

“Okay.” Chen Zhao Zhong handed her his mobile phone directly to her, and after the other party took it, she dialed the 911 police number.

On the phone, the girl told the operator about her phone being robbed, then gave the other party the address, and when the other party finished registering, she hung up and handed the phone back to Chen Zhaozhong, thanking her, “Thank you, boss, I’ve already reported it to the police, they’ll be here in a minute.”

“You’re welcome.” Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly, put away the phone and said, “Do you want something to eat? This meal is on me.”

The girl was busy saying, “No, no, I’ve just eaten, thank you, boss.”

“You’re welcome.” Chen Zhao Zhong nodded and said to the man, “Pour a gla*s of water for this lady.”

Without saying a word, the mate immediately brought over a gla*s of lemon water and handed it to the girl.

The girl said gratefully, “Boss, thank you so much.”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly and said, “It doesn’t matter, we are all Chinese, we should help each other.”

With that, Chen Zhao Zhong said, “Sit by yourself for a while, I will go and prepare the meal for the guests.”

The girl said, “You go about your business, don’t mind me!”

In less than ten minutes, a police car stopped at the entrance and two New York police officers stepped out and entered the shop, asking, “Who just called 911?”

The girl hastily raised her hand and said, “It was me.”

One of the police officers looked at the girl and asked, “We were told by the main desk that your phone had been robbed, what happened?”

The girl then said, “About 10 minutes ago, I was talking to a friend in front of this restaurant, and suddenly a man came and took my phone away.”

The policeman nodded and asked, “Was there only one person on the other side?”

The girl said, “There was only one person when he grabbed my phone, but he quickly got into a car and left.”

The policeman asked again, “Did you get a good look at the person who took your phone? What was his race and how tall was he? Was his weight on the fat side or thin side?”

The girl thought for a moment and said, “He was so fast that I didn’t react at once, so I didn’t get a good look at him, but what I can say for sure is that he was yellow, medium height, on the thin side and very agile.”

The policeman said helplessly, “Yellow people of medium height and thin are a dime a dozen in Chinatown, so without detailed facial features, catching someone is rather difficult.”

With that, the other man explained, “Actually, as you know, street snatching of mobile phones, laptops, and ladies’ backpacks happens at least a thousand times a day on the streets of New York, and the vast majority of them are very difficult to catch.”