Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4088

Just as the three minutes were about to expire, the old godfather’s mobile phone rang again.

Everyone’s expressions were tinged with intense excitement, and everyone subconsciously clenched their fists, just waiting for that final result.

At this time, the old godfather unhurriedly pressed the answer button and spat out one word in a cold voice: “Speak!”

On the other side of the phone, Qiao Feiyun’s a*sistant could already feel the oppressive feeling from the old godfather.

He could only say stiffly, “Our boss has already agreed to your request, but you must guarantee that no one can report this matter to the police!”

Excitement was instantly written on the faces of everyone on the stage.

One could see that they were all desperately trying to hold back so as not to cheer out while the old godfather was talking to the other side.

At this point, the old godfather was also on the verge of fainting from excitement in his heart, but he still held on to his tone and said in a cold voice, “In that case, I will have someone prepare a list and the collection information for each person’s family later, and you have 24 hours to complete the remittance!”

Qiao Feiyun’s a*sistant busily said, “We can’t pay you all five million dollars at once, in case you get the money and then go to the police, how will our interests be guaranteed?”

The old godfather asked rhetorically, “What do you want then?”

Qiao Feiyun’s a*sistant busily said, “We will pay you two million each first, and the remaining three million will be paid in thirty-six installments over three years!”

“Dream on!” The old godfather said without thinking, “You only have one choice, within 24 hours, pay five million dollars into each of your accounts, or else you will suffer the consequences!”

Qiao Feiyun’s a*sistant was still trying to argue, “Then how can we protect our interests? You have to give us some protection, right?”

The old godfather said arrogantly, “You have my promise!”

“A promise ……” Qiao Feiyun’s a*sistant said in a cold voice: “Who would dare to believe in such a promise without sufficient guarantees?”

The old godfather asked rhetorically, “Do you think you have any other choice but to choose to believe me?”

Qiao Feiyun’s a*sistant was at a loss for words.

And Qiao Feiyun, who was on the side, also seemed to have given up resistance and waved his hand at Qiao Feiyun.

Qiao Feiyun’s a*sistant could only grit his teeth and say, “Fine! Then we’ll do as you say! I’ll send you an email address later, after you’ve tallied up the list and the account numbers for the receipts, send it to my email address, plus I need the family members of each missing person to take a video so that the money doesn’t end up in someone else’s pocket!”

“Good!” The old godfather resisted the urge to cheer loudly and said in a cold voice, “Send me the email address and I will prepare everything!”

With that, he hung up the phone.

The moment the phone hung up, he cheered loudly in excitement, “They’ve said yes! They’ve said yes!”

There was even a sea of joy on the stage, with cheers that nearly turned the church upside down.

Some people could not hold back their excitement and were jumping in place while cheering loudly, their excitement overwhelming.

The old godfather was in a trance for a while, and as he looked at the excited crowd on stage, he suddenly felt a sense of disorientation.

He vaguely remembered that in 2006, when the Italian men’s football team had won the World Cup, the crowd had been just as excited.

Perhaps even more so than now.

The old man who had previously lost three sons and was about to become the second old godfather was red-faced and excited, shouting: “Five million for one man, that …… Wouldn’t that mean that my three sons would get $15 million?”

Immediately someone rebuked him, “Albert, you’re a piece of sh*t! You mustn’t forget that it was the lives of your three sons that paid for it!”

Albert questioned coldly, “What do you mean, Pippin? You were so excited, but now you’re here to reprimand me, do you think it’s too bad that you’ve only got $5 million for a missing son? If I had known that, then I might as well have let your two daughters join the group as well!”

“You …… You ……” The exposed Pippen was at a loss for words and could only say in anger, “I wanted them to join the group a long time ago, but the group had a rule at the time that women were not allowed to participate in the group’s affairs, and it was all the fault of that D*mned DiNorscio!”