Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3872

It was not easy for Zhang Ermao to make a living in Jinling all these years.

After all, he was a man who did not want to be seen, and he was often driven around like a dog, and every now and then he would even receive a fat beating.

The main reason for this is that he does not have a backer who can protect him.

It’s not that Zhang Ermao hasn’t thought about making good connections with people in the street, especially Dong Kui, who is in charge of the antique street.

However, in Dong Kui’s eyes, he was just an unworthy charlatan.

Not to mention that Dong Kui didn’t take him seriously, even Dong Kui’s little brothers didn’t take him seriously.

Therefore, if Ye Chen had not pulled him up, he would not have been able to climb far above even a character like Dong Kui.

But now, Ye Chen has asked him to follow Hong Wu as a master, which is the same as pulling him up a few notches!

He was now considered to be one of Hong Wu’s direct subordinates, and he and Ma Zhongliang came from the same discipline, so he was directly a level higher than Dong Kui, whom he could not even afford.

It was because of this profound realisation that Zhang Ermao was extremely grateful to Ye Chen in his heart.

Ye Chen looked at his grateful face and admonished, “Zhang Ermao, after following Hong Wu, don’t go to the antique street again to engage in such deceitful things, although Hong Wu is still a Taoist, but his business has now been transformed into a clean one, you don’t want to go there and then use your crooked brain.”

Zhang Ermao hurriedly took a stand and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye, I will definitely follow your teachings and never touch these unclean things again!”

Ye Chen nodded his head, feeling that Zhang Ermao’s words did not sound wrong, but he felt a bit uncomfortable when he thought about it.

When he thought about it, he had just taken two billion dollars from Bernard Elnor, and when Zhang Ermao was compared to himself, he was not a small witch, but a small chicken meeting a tyrannosaurus.

However, the good thing was that Ye Chen did not intend to keep the money he had received from Elnor for himself, but to donate it all to charity, so that he would feel more comfortable in his heart.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Chen called Hong Wu and asked him, “Hong Wu, where are you?”

Hong Wu hurriedly said, “Master Ye, I am at Tian Xiang Fu, what are your orders?”

Ye Chen then said, “I have found a master teacher for you, since you are at Tian Xiang Fu, I will have him go to Tian Xiang Fu to look for you later.”

Hong Wu was surprised and asked, “You have found a master teacher for me? Master Ye, who is this master teacher?!”

Ye Chen smiled and asked, “Zhang Ermao from Antique Street, do you know?”

Hong Wu froze and spoke, “I know, Master Ye, are you planning to make him my master?”

At this moment, Zhang Ermao, who was beside Ye Chen, looked nervous, fearing that Hong Wu might be displeased with him or might not see him at all.

At this time, Ye Chen said with certainty, “That’s right, I see that Zhang Ermao is very resourceful and quite good at doing things, so it’s just right to partner with you and give you some new inspiration in dealing with certain issues.”

Hong Wu said with a smile, “I have heard that this old boy is very ghostly, but I have not had much contact with him, since you have said so, Master Ye, then this old boy must have some merit!”

After saying that, he immediately laughed and said, “Master Ye, you can directly ask this old boy to come over to me, I will have a good chat with him.”

“Mm.” Ye Chen then said, “I’ll have him come over now.”

After saying that, Ye Chen hung up the phone and then said to Zhang Ermao, “I’ve already said hello to Hong Wu, you have to go directly to the Tian Xiang House to find him now, follow him at the beginning of this period to get a good understanding of his current business vein, think more and research more, and see if you have any more unique ideas of your own.”

Zhang Ermao bowed repeatedly in gratitude, “Thank you, Master Ye! I will definitely dive in and follow Master Ye to study and research properly! Thank you, Master Ye, for your great kindness!”

Ye Chen laughed and scolded, “Come on, don’t be poor here, hurry up and go.”