Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3939

Despair and remorse almost broke him on the spot.

If he had known that this was the case, even if he had bid 50 billion for the last quarter of the Spring Return Pill, he would never have delayed until now and been announced out of the competition.

Inside the box, Fei Ke Xin was also stunned.

She didn’t see Huo Yuanzheng’s face, but she could tell from the total Huo Yuanzheng’s aura of bidding that eleven hundred billion US dollars was not a matter of concern for this man.

In that case, I’m afraid it would be a bit troublesome for Grandpa to get this Spring Return Pill.

Not only was Fei Ke Xin surprised, even Ye Chen was also surprised.

He had always suspected that this No. 99 Huo Yuanzheng had come from a very big source, and he had never expected that it was as expected.

This also made him even more curious as to who this Huo Yuanzheng really was.

And at this moment in the arena, Fei Jianzhong also raised his hand unwillingly and said, “One hundred and twenty billion!”

He had long since understood the way this Shura court worked today, allowing a bunch of dying tycoons to desperately fight for the chance to live, destined for prices that would break the sky, and since 100 billion couldn’t be stopped, he would raise his budget, and in any case, he absolutely couldn’t give up, because once he gave up, it would mean giving up on survival and choosing death.

And he, too, finally had a competitor who would raise his bid by no less than ten billion each time.

Without changing his face, Huo Yuanzheng continued to raise his hand, “Thirteen billion!”

The whole room was in an uproar.

I thought Bernard Aylneau was the big man tonight, but it turned out that two Chinese were competing and had directly thrown Bernard Aylneau out of the sky.

Bernard Aylneau’s entire fortune was barely close to US$170 billion, and this one rejuvenating pill had basically called for 80% of his fortune.

And the competition wasn’t over yet.

With a daunting face, Fei Jianzhong continued to raise his hand, “One hundred and forty billion dollars!”

After saying this, he turned his head to look at Huo Yuanzheng, his face full of incomprehension.

Huo Yuanzheng was also a little ashamed by Fei Jianzhong’s look, after all, he still knew Fei Jianzhong’s situation and knew that he was dying soon.

However, he hesitated for a moment before raising his hand, “One hundred and fifty billion!”

The scene was even more shocked, this kind of bidding, in their opinion, was like a fight between gods!

And at this moment, Fei Jianzhong almost vomited blood.

Even though the Fei family had hundreds of billions of dollars in a*sets, in order to continue the family’s longevity, a large portion of the money was invested in extremely long term industries and family trusts with very tight firewalls.

Some of these long term properties have to be invested for decades on end in order to generate a steady stream of profits for future generations decades down the line.

A family trust, on the other hand, is a large sum of money invested, with the principal never taken out, and only the profits generated from the principal are used to continuously nourish one’s children and grandchildren.

The Fay family has hundreds of billions of dollars in family trusts scattered around the world in highly reputable countries, and these family trusts guarantee that as long as the five permanent members of the United Nations do not go bankrupt and humanity does not become extinct, the Fay family will never run out of money.

But because of this, the entire Fei family can take out no more than US$200 billion in cash.

This amount of money is almost unbelievably high in the eyes of ordinary people, but to the world’s top giants, it is just a small piece of meat.

The most powerful of these, the Rothschild family, is rumoured to have a*sets totalling over fifty trillion dollars, almost equal to two and a half years of the entire US gross national product.

Some people in the outside world feel that this figure is completely exaggerated and not credible at all.

Others feel that this figure is still somewhat conservative compared to the real wealth of the Rothschilds.

However, the true figure is only really known to the top managers of the Rothschild family.

And at this very moment, No. 099 Huo Yuanzheng once again raised his hand and said in a loud voice: “I bid 160 billion!”