Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4589

Liu Jiahui’s entire spirit and will had long since been destroyed by Ye Chen, and he could no longer think about gain or loss now; his only wish was to be spared from death.

Therefore, no matter what conditions Ye Chen proposed, deep down in his heart, he was willing to agree to them without hesitation.

When Ye Chen saw that Liu Jiahui had completely conceded and had achieved his goal of disciplining him, he said in a cold voice, “Listen carefully, the first thing I want you to do is to pay Uncle Zhong twenty years’ salary at the highest professional manager’s salary on Hong Kong Island, plus double the compensation, of which double it as the loss of Uncle Zhong’s youth and the other double it as the mental loss.”

At this point, Ye Chen added: “In other words, you have to pay Uncle Zhong a lump sum of sixty years’ salary at the rate of the highest professional manager on Hong Kong Island, do you have any objection?”

“I have none!” Liu Jiahui blurted out almost without hesitation, how could he dare to have any objections at a time like this.

According to Ye Chen’s request, the most he could pay was six to seven billion Hong Kong dollars, which would not even translate to one billion US dollars.

Chen Zhao Zhong, who was at the side, hurriedly said, “Young Master Ye, I can’t accept this money ……”

Ye Chen seriously said, “Uncle Zhong, this money has two main purposes, one is to make amends and one is to punish, even if you don’t need his money, he must still pay this price, even if you turn around and donate this money.”

Hearing these words, Chen Zhao Zhong nodded gently.

Ye Chen said to Liu Jiahui again, “The second thing I want you to do is to buy the villa of the Huo family next door to your Shixun Road mansion and give it to Uncle Zhong’s family, then personally go and invite Uncle Zhong’s family to move there, and when you move, you should hire the best officiant on Hong Kong Island and host a most grand housewarming ceremony!”

Liu Jiahui was so shocked that he was speechless.

He really did not expect that Ye Chen would make such a request to himself.

Chen Zhaozhong had been a problem in his heart for so many years that he wanted to get rid of him, but now instead of being able to get rid of him, he had to become his neighbour ……

The fact is that for Liu Jiahui, this request is indeed somewhat unacceptable.

Chen Zhao Zhong also did not expect that Ye Chen would make such a request.

For him, he also did not want to be neighbours with Liu Jiahui every day in the future, a feeling that was a little weird just thinking about it.

However, Ye Chen had his own ideas.

He felt that for a villain like Liu Jiahui, who did not keep his word, he must not let him experience just this one bout of pain today.

The best way was to keep the alarm bells ringing deep inside him.

At this moment, Liu Jiahui was extremely depressed, but he did not dare to anger Ye Chen, so he could only think in his heart: “D*mn it, the big deal is that I won’t live there anymore! I have countless properties all over the world, as long as I move away from Shi Xun Dao, won’t I be able to see and not worry about it?”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, “Yes Mr. Ye, I will do as you ask ……”

But where did he know that Ye Chen, as if he could read minds, spoke, “Also I would like to remind you that from now on you have to stay at your Shi Xundao mansion for at least two hundred days a year.”

Liu Jiahui’s entire jaw dropped.

It was not enough to be neighbours with the Chen Zhao Zhong family, but he had to live in the mansion for two hundred days a year.