Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4590

Ye Chen continued at this point: “In addition, adjust your driver to another position, I will transfer a general from the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple to be your bodyguard and driver, at the same time he will also help me monitor your daily travels, if you live in Shixun Dao for one day less a year, you will be fined 100 million dollars.”

Liu Jiahui couldn’t speak with a crying face.

He really did not expect that Ye Chen could be so damaging, rubbing his face on the ground repeatedly.

However, even if he was depressed in his heart, he did not dare to have any rebuttal to Ye Chen, so he could only nod resentfully and say, “Don’t worry Mr. Ye …… I will do as I am told …… I will do as I am told… …”

Ye Chen added: “Oh yes, I Wan Long Temple generals to come to you as bodyguards and drivers, this also costs money, when the time comes I will let the broken army select four generals, one rotation per quarter to serve you, and you must also pay two million dollars per month, do you understand?”

Liu Jiahui could only say honestly, “I understand, two million dollars per month, I will pay on time!”

Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “Third thing, immediately divest the property rights of the snack street near the University of Hong Kong from your current group structure and set up a separate company, the shareholders of the company are and can only be Miss Qiong alone!”

Hearing these words, Liu Manqiong’s entire body looked at Ye Chen in surprise, she did not know, why Ye Chen would put the snack street here as well and said it.

At this time, Ye Chen continued, “All decisions on the future of this snack street must be given to Miss Manqiong, if you dare to develop it without permission, no matter what time I know, I will have your driver break your legs the first time!”

“If you were sitting in your car at the time, I would have asked the driver to pull over and pull you right out and break your legs;”

“If you were sleeping in your bedroom at the time, I would have had the driver break right through the door and pull you out of bed and break your legs! Do you understand?”

Liu Jiahui was frightened like a man, he knew that he had angered Ye Chen by trying to develop the snack street, so he hurriedly stated, “Don’t worry Mr. Ye, this snack street, I will never redevelop it ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand, “In the future this snack street will not be yours, and you are not qualified to say such things, you just need to give all the property rights of the snack street to Miss Manqiong.”

Saying that, Ye Chen remembered that this snack street of Liu Manqiong was losing money year after year, so he said, “Oh yes, when the property rights are divested, remember to inject US$100 million into Miss Manqiong’s new company as operating capital, from now on this company you only have to pay out money, you don’t have any decision power, do you understand?”

Liu Jiahui nodded his head like a garlic, “I understand …… I understand!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and spoke, “Apart from these few things, there is one last thing.”

Liu Jiahui instantly tensed up.

He knew that the few things Ye Chen had just said revolved around Chen Zhao Zhong, as well as his own daughter Liu Man Qiong, but regarding his own outburst against Ye Chang Ying back then, Ye Chen had not yet given a way to punish him.

So, this last matter must have something to do with Ye Chang Ying.

Thus, he looked up at Ye Chen and said nervously, “Mr. Ye …… you …… please give your orders ……”

Ye Chen’s voice cooled down and he said word by word: “The twenty billion dollars for ten years that I said before, I will not ask for it anymore for the sake of Miss Manqiong, but you have broken the promise you made to my father back then, so I want you to fly to Yanjing immediately after the housewarming of Uncle Zhong’s family and repent in front of my father’s grave for three months, and during these three months, you are not allowed to eat or live away from After the three months are up, you will be allowed to return to Hong Kong Island!”