Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4591

After hearing Ye Chen’s last request, Liu Jiahui’s entire body instantly let out a sigh of relief.

        At this moment, he truly felt what it meant to be alive after a robbery.

        Since this was already the last thing Ye Chen had asked himself to do, it meant that he had not only saved his life, but also his fortune of US$20 billion in the next ten years.

        Compared to this, the small amount of compensation that needed to be paid to Chen Zhao Zhong could almost be considered a drop in the bucket.

        As for the villa, it was only a mere dime to him.

        Although he had to go to Yanjing to repent for three months, this was already considered extrajudicial and lenient to Liu Jiahui, who had just suffered a death threat.

        Therefore, he naturally did not dare to have any dissatisfaction in his heart.

        On the contrary, he was also finally able to put his heart down.

        Thus, he immediately made his attitude clear to Ye Chen and said reverently, “Mr. Ye, don’t worry, I will definitely finish the other matters as soon as possible, and then immediately set off for Yanjing!”

        Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “By the way, I instruct you, from today onwards, your family’s life is closely related to Uncle Zhong’s family, if Uncle Zhong’s family is safe and sound, then you can also be safe and sound, but if anything untoward happens to them, even if it is just an accident, I will make you take joint and several responsibility, do you understand?”

        Liu Jiahui was such a shrewd person, how could he not hear the meaning beyond Ye Chen’s words.

        Ye Chen wanted to make sure that he, from now on, would never dare to threaten Chen Zhao Zhong again, which was why he had tied his own personal safety, together with Chen Zhao Zhong.

        In this way, not only did he, Liu Jiahui, not dare to find an opportunity to harm Chen Zhaozhong, but he was even afraid that Chen Zhaozhong himself might be in trouble.

        So, without thinking, he said, “Mr. Ye, I understand ……”

        “Good.” Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “Now I want you to retract your previous dark flower to all of Hong Kong Island.”

        “Yes, yes, yes!” Liu Jiahui immediately took out his mobile phone and said under his breath, “I’ll do as I’m told!”

        Dark flowers are something that has been around since ancient times.

        It has a few more traditional rituals compared to the simple and brutal purchase of a murderer.

        On Hong Kong Island, not everyone can just release a dark flower, and not everyone who releases a dark flower wants others to know who he is.

        For a person to release a dark flower, it is not just a matter of saying that after killing a certain person, he will pay as much or as little as he wants and a whole bunch of killers will flock to him.

        The secret flower, only if the release is done through a designated intermediary, will be recognised by the killers.

        And this middleman has to be authoritative enough and trustworthy enough for everyone.

        Therefore, in this field, there is a set of traditional yet strict industry rules.

        Liu Jiahui had to pay US$33 million to the middleman in advance for the release of US$30 million in dark flowers.

        Of this, $30 million is the reward for the dark flower itself, while the other $3 million is the middleman’s benefit fee.

        Only after receiving the money would the middlemen turn to release the Dark Flower to the whole underground world, because they have very high prestige and influence in the underground world, so once they release the Dark Flower, all the killers would not have any question.

        Moreover, middlemen are not simply acting as a deal broker, there are times when the dark flowers are so big that they can easily trigger many people to fight for them, and in the end, disputes may even arise because it is impossible to determine who is the real successor.

        At such times, there is also a need for an intermediary to step in and make an objective judgement to decide the true ownership of this dark flower.

        Liu Jiahui immediately called this middleman at this time, and in front of Ye Chen and the others, he turned on the speaker and said, “I want to take back the $30 million dark flower that I released earlier.”

        The other party asked, “Mr. Liu, are you sure you want to take back this dark flower? This dark flower of yours is the highest amount of money in Hong Kong over the years, and many a*sa*sins are out today, if you withdraw it at this time, I am afraid that if you release it again in the future, people will not be so motivated.”

        Liu Jiahui said without a second thought, “I am sure to withdraw it, immediately, immediately!”

        The other party was slightly silent for a moment and said, “Mr. Liu, if you are sure to take it back, the three million commission will not be refunded, do you have any objection to this?”

        Liu Jiahui blurted out, “No objection!”