Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4592

        “Good, I will now issue a message to inform everyone that Dark Flower has withdrawn, and the thirty million dollars will be refunded in the same way within 24 hours.”


        At this very moment.

        Just outside Hong Kong Island International Airport, there were already a number of a*sa*sins waiting anxiously.

        Most of these a*sa*sins did not know each other, but they were lurking near the airport at this moment, all of them wanted to get the US$30 million Dark Flower to feed and clothe themselves from now on, so each one of them could not hold back, waiting for the moment Chen Zhao Zhong came out from the airport, they immediately launched an attack.

        Some had already set up sniper rifles in the shadows, others were disguised as tourists, waiting outside the airport exit with their pistols, and some even parked their cars by the roadside, planning to drive straight into Chen Zhao Zhong when he came out.

        Just as they were waiting to get their hands on him, they suddenly received a message, which was very simple, with only four words: “Dark Flower withdrawn.”


        “What the hell!”

        “I’ll top your lungs!”

        These killers, who were waiting like vipers, were all cursing at this moment.

        Thirty million dark flowers had unexpectedly been withdrawn, and the opportunity to get rich at their fingertips had instantly vanished.

        Although they were upset, they understood in their hearts that there was no point in being upset, even if they killed the man, they would not get any money.

        So, the vast majority of the killers immediately began to withdraw.

        The a*sa*sins disguised as tourists stopped their cars and left, the a*sa*sins parked on the roadside drove away, and the a*sa*sins hiding in the shadows ready to snipe Chen Zhao Zhong, all immediately put away their guns and prepared to leave.

        However, there were still a few killers who had not left.

        One of them was hiding in a room on the 18th floor of the Airline Hotel opposite the airport, using the scope of his sniper rifle to lock on to the exit of the airport while cursing and swearing: “I’ll be D*mned, you Liu Jiahui really deserved it! The man who cuckolded you finally came back after 20 years, and you suddenly wimped out. You think I don’t have to pay for my work? You think it doesn’t cost me to rent this hotel?

        He gritted his teeth and said coldly, “I’ll finish off Chen Zhao Zhong for you today, and then I’ll collect the money from you! If you f*cking dare to renege on the bill, I’ll finish you off too!”

        Several other a*sa*sins hiding in the shadows were of the same mindset at this time.

        Although the issuer of the 30 million dark flowers had not left his name, they all knew in their hearts that the dark flowers must have been released by Liu Jiahui, so their thought was to kill the dark flowers regardless of whether they were withdrawn or not, and to find Liu Jiahui after killing him to demand an explanation, even if it was extortion, they would still want to knock off a sum from Liu Jiahui’s hand.

        Just as the man was staring intently at the airport exit, he felt a cold, hard object suddenly pressed against the back of his head.

        His whole body was instantly creeped out with fear because he hadn’t heard any movement at all and couldn’t figure out at all why someone would suddenly appear behind him and point a gun at the back of his head.

        So he asked nervously, “This brother, you’re pointing a gun at me, I wonder what kind of grudge we have against each other?”

        The man behind him questioned in a cold voice, “Dark Flower has already withdrawn, why don’t you leave yet?”

        The a*sa*sin thought it was a peer and hurriedly said, “Everyone must want to get that Dark Flower, why don’t we both join forces, or maybe I can just help you to finish off that Chen Zhao Zhong, what do you think?”

        The man behind him grunted and said, “Sorry, I’m from the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, I’ve been watching you for a long time, if you had just gotten the message and gotten out, I would have spared your life, but unfortunately, you didn’t take the path you were given to live!”

        The man was terrified to the core, he couldn’t understand why people from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple would be watching him.

        So he subconsciously turned his head, looked at the young man behind him and subconsciously asked, “The hall …… The Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons Hall …… actually put this kind of dark flower in their eyes as well?”

        That Warlord of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall sneered, “We didn’t come to Hong Kong Island to take the dark flower, but we will f*ck whoever wants to take the dark flower!”

        Saying that, he immediately grabbed the man’s collar and threw him straight out of the 18th floor window of the hotel with his gun!