Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3894

Hearing this, Fei Jianzhong smiled confidently and said with an arch of his hand, “I’ll take advantage of Mr Yuan’s good advice tonight!”

After saying that, he stood up holding the sofa, and Yuan Zixu, who was on the side, hurriedly came forward to a*sist him, and the two of them left the hotel room together.

As they walked out of the room, people came out of the surrounding rooms one after another.

There was a mixture of eastern and western faces, and with everyone wearing the same clothes, it was hard to make out their faces.

Fei expected to meet a few familiar faces, but to his surprise, his floor was filled with almost all unfamiliar faces.

One by one, the crowd arrived at the lift lobby, only to see two security guards standing at the entrance of the lift lobby, and these two spoke directly with expressionless faces, “The lift is out of service, everyone please take the stairs.”

There were eight pa*senger lifts in the hotel, but everyone had to take the stairs to get down, which made everyone a bit unhappy.

Some of them wanted to protest, but as soon as they opened their mouths, they were rebuked by the security guard: “Please observe discipline! Those who protest will be given one demerit and we will remember your numbers. If you are given one demerit, if you successfully win any item at the auction, you will be charged an additional 20% penalty on top of the sale price, and if you are given two demerits, you will be directly deprived of his right to attend this meeting.”

As soon as the crowd heard this, they had the sense to shut their mouths.

Although these people were normally top-notch tycoons with extraordinary status and power all over the world, when they came here, they were no different from prisoners.

In other words, Ye Chen had summoned them here so that they could learn to learn how to be grandchildren.

Here, they were the ones with the most humble status, even a security guard could call out to them.

Although there are eight lifts here, they are just not given access to them.

This is because it allows them all to keep a single path and walk to the ballroom in a neat and tidy manner.

That way it would allow these rich men to experience what it was like to be let loose in jail.

At the entrance of the banquet hall at this moment, four security check lanes had been set up just like airport security.

Each security channel was equipped with metal detection doors and multiple security personnel.

There was a special security lane with a number of doctors and multiple medical monitoring devices.

In addition, there were a number of security personnel in camouflage uniforms, all tall and with their hands behind their backs, standing meticulously on either side of the security entrance, their faces full of pressure.

When the tycoons saw this situation, they all felt an extremely strong sense of oppression.

They couldn’t figure out where the source of this feeling of oppression was, whether it was from the uniform security equipment, or the imposing security personnel, or the overall atmosphere that brought them together.

But as soon as Yuan Zixu arrived, he immediately realised the main source of this sense of oppression.

It was because he had discovered something that shocked him to the core: all the security personnel here, without exception, were martial arts masters!

There were forty to fifty martial arts experts here, and moreover, the worst cultivation level was that of a three-star martial artist, and the highest, even had multiple five-star martial artists!

Although Yuan Zixu himself was already a seven-star martial artist, he knew very well that martial artists with more than three stars were actually very rare.

Of the thousands of disciples in his own division, there were not even ten who could truly reach three star martial artist.

And those who could really reach five-star martial artists, counting himself, his master and the missing Luo Jiacheng, were only a handful in total.

However, the overall strength of just some security personnel here had already surpa*sed that of his own master, which indeed appalled Yuan Zixu.

When Fei Jianzhong saw that his figure was a little sluggish and turned his face to see that his expression was also a little dull, he lowered his voice and asked, “Master Yuan, what’s wrong with you?”

Yuan Zixu came back to his senses and said in the same low voice, “Elder Fei, the security personnel here, without exception, are all martial arts masters ……”

“What?” Fei Jianzhong exclaimed, “There are at least a few dozen security personnel here, all martial arts masters?!”