Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3796

When Ye Chen said this, Luo Jiacheng did not feel anything unusual.

However, because Fei Ke Xin was paying extra attention to Ye Chen, he also kept his ears open, ready to listen to Ye Chen’s conversation with the other party to see if he could hear any useful information.

At this time, Ye Chen glanced at Luo Jiacheng, and when the four eyes met, he held his mobile phone in one hand, while the other hand even took the initiative to raise a hand at Luo Jiacheng.

Luo Jiacheng didn’t think much of it and subconsciously nodded back as a greeting.

At this time, Ye Chen was already walking towards Luo Jiacheng’s direction.

At the same time, he took out a cigarette from his pocket with his right hand and made a gesture to put it in his mouth.

Smoking a cigarette while answering the phone was a common occurrence for many people, so Luo Jiacheng wasn’t surprised at all.

However, what he didn’t know was that Ye Chen didn’t smoke at all, and the box of cigarettes in his pocket was also something that Ye Chen had asked Hong Wu’s little brother for before they arrived.

At this time, Wan Bajun, who was on the phone, spoke, “Mr. Ye, the intelligence network has exact information back, that Zhan Feier you want to check, her real name is Fei Ke Xin, she is the Miss Fei family ……”

Every word that Wan Bajun said fell clearly into the ears of six-star martial artist Luo Jiacheng.

When he heard the three words Fei Kexin, his entire pupils instantly shrank violently!

Immediately afterwards, he looked towards Ye Chen with a look of complete hostility and killing aura!

But even at this moment, he did not realise how dangerous Ye Chen would be to himself.

He just didn’t expect that Ye Chen would have the channels to find out Miss’s true identity!

This also meant that both himself and Miss had been exposed, and that Miss in the room, could be in danger at any moment!

Thinking of this, he stared at Ye Chen and questioned, “Who the hell are you?!”

Ye Chen laughed, “I haven’t even questioned you yet, and you’re even questioning me? I, Ye Chen, don’t change my name when I walk or sit, unlike the Miss Fei sitting inside, who has deliberately put on a vest.”

Luo Jiacheng immediately said, “Miss doesn’t have any ill will towards you! There is also a reason for using another identity!”

Ye Chen nodded and laughed, “I didn’t say she had any malice towards me either, what are you so nervous about?”

Saying that, Ye Chen said to Wan Bajun on the phone, “Bajun, I still have something to do, I’ll hang up first.”

Wan Bajun busily said, “Mr. Ye, there is a man called Luo Jiacheng beside Fei Kexin, a six-star martial artist!”

Ye Chen smiled, “I know, he’s right in front of me.”

Wan Bajun on the other end of the phone faintly froze, and then laughed, “Sorry Mr. Ye, it was my subordinate who was overly concerned!”

After saying that, he immediately said, “Mr. Ye, since you have something to do, then my subordinate will not bother you!”

The conversation between the two was naturally overheard by Luo Jiacheng, who couldn’t hide his nervousness as he asked Ye Chen, “To be able to find out the identity of Miss, and also to find out that I am a six-star martial artist, who exactly are you?”

Ye Chen laughed, “You’re such a nosy person, I told you, my name is Ye Chen!”

Luo Jiacheng frowned tightly and said to Ye Chen, “I don’t care who you really are, I’m going to take Miss out of here now, as for the issue of Miss hiding her identity, she will naturally explain it to you personally later, now please move aside!”

Ye Chen laughed, “What if I don’t let you?”

Luo Jiacheng clenched his fists, his joints crackling, and said coldly, “There are no martial arts masters around here, and the few in the kitchen are just like you, they are all ordinary people, if I want to go in, you can’t stop me at all, the reason why I ask you to move aside is because I don’t want to hurt you, don’t be insensitive!”

“Insensitive?” Ye Chen laughed lightly and said playfully, “It’s been a long time since someone said those four words to me …… Suddenly, there are a few nostalgic moments!”

Luo Jiacheng gritted his teeth and said, “Do you think I’m joking with you?! Since you have such a powerful intelligence network, don’t you know clearly what strength a six star martial artist is?”

Ye Chen nodded and laughed, “The strength of a six-star martial artist, I know, ah, I’m not going to lie, a six-star martial artist just like you, I killed two of them with a stone the other day.”

As he said this, Ye Chen did not forget to extend his right hand and gesture a scissors hand pose.

Hearing this, Luo Jiacheng’s entire being had been completely enraged!