Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4003

Faced with the provocation of the girl at the head, Li Xiaofen simply said indifferently, “I’m warning you, if you don’t leave my shop, I’ll call the police!”

“Call the police?” The girl said, “You call the police, after you call the police, believe me, I’ll make a phone call right now and ask my father to buy all the storefronts in this row, so you can leave tomorrow with your tails between your legs!”

Li Xiaofen asked in a cold voice, “What? You’re rich? I’ve rented this house for five years, so if you want to kick me out, you can do so, as long as you pay me the money I invested in the shop and the breach of contract for the rent, I can change the place anytime, depending on whether you can afford it.”

The girl said disdainfully, “Sister, I see you are not young, but you are really naive! Do you believe that after I ask my father to buy this shop, there are 10,000 ways to make it impossible for you to open it, and you won’t get back any of the money you invested! If you don’t like it, you can hire a lawyer and try it out. My dad spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year just to hire a lawyer to fight my case.

After that, she pointed at Claudia and said to Li Xiaofen, “If you want to keep this shop open, tell this b*tch to get out now, I won’t let you go as long as this b*tch is still working in your shop!”

Claudia angrily questioned, “Huang Xingyu, I thought I had never provoked you, why are you targeting me at every turn? If I remember correctly, when my parents were still alive, you were the one who chased after me every day and even said that you wanted to be my sister, even if I didn’t say yes to you in the first place, you didn’t have to cross me like this, right?”

The girl at the head of the group, Huang Xingyu, said with a look of contempt when she heard this, “I only wanted to be your sister because I thought your father was more or less capable and I looked up to you, but I never thought your father would say no to me. Besides, I don’t like your fake reserve, your own father is a f*cking gangster and a notorious Italian mafioso, and you pretend to be a f*cking good student all the time!”

And with that, Huang Xinhua looked at Claudia with disgust and said in a cold voice, “And what I’m f*cking P*ssed off about is that you seduced my man! You don’t even ask around in the Canadian study abroad community, which of my men would dare to seduce a Sl*t?”

Claudia clenched her fist and said word for word, “I’ve just said it, I never seduced your boyfriend! It was your boyfriend who kept hara*sing me! I beg you to get your facts straight first!”

Huang Xingyu cursed out of the blue, “D*mn, if it wasn’t for you b*tch scratching your head all day long, how would my boyfriend have been bewitched by you?!”

After that, she looked at the boy beside her and shouted angrily, “Li Hao Yang, slap her face hard! And twist her hair for me! I’ll see how she can hide her ugly face from now on!”

Before the words left her mouth, she hastily took out her mobile phone and sneered, “I’m going to take a video of the whole thing and post it on a short video platform, so that everyone can see what the former school beauty Claudia looks like now!”

Li Hao Yang said awkwardly, “Come on Xingyue, let’s go, there’s no need to be normal with her.”

Huang Xingyu raised her hand and slapped Li Hao Yang with a loud slap, leaving him dumbfounded and cursing through clenched teeth, “Li Hao Yang, what the f*ck do you mean? Are you defending her? I guess I was wrong about her, you were really hara*sing her behind my back?”

Li Hao Yang covered his face, wavering for a moment.

When Huang Xingyu saw that he was hesitant to move, she became furious and said through clenched teeth, “Fine! You don’t want to fight, right? From now on, the two of us are parted, so get lost as far away as you can!”

He said, and immediately said to the other two girls around him, “You two grab her for me, I want to teach this b*tch a lesson myself!”

Li Hao Yang hastily pleaded, “Xingyue, I really don’t mean that ……”

Huang Xingyue said coldly, “I don’t care what you mean, I’ll give you two choices today, either get lost or go and beat that b*tch up for me!”