Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3964

Bernard Elnor cried out, “Confirmation …… I confirm ……”

“Good.” Song Wanting smiled slightly and continued, “However, there are two things that I would like to emphasise in front of 016, and all the bidders who are present today.”

“First of all, please rest a*sured that our allocation system is only applicable to Mr. Bernard Elnor alone, and no additional charges will be added to anyone who successfully bids for the Spring Return Pill other than him, and as you have all seen with the four previous Spring Return Pills, we strictly follow the principle of fairness and impartiality, and none of the four successful bidders were forced to bundle any consumption, so please don’t worry!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the audience immediately cheered.

Since it was only against Bernard Aylneau, everyone was naturally happy to see him laugh.

Therefore, everyone clapped and cheered happily, while only Bernard Aylneau looked extremely ugly.

Afterwards, Song Wanting added, “Secondly, we are different from those companies outside who are asking for allotments, all the income from allotments, we will not take a penny and will donate it all to charity!”

“Half of it will be donated to the poor areas of China, specifically to solve the academic, living and health problems of school-age children and youths, as well as those who are out of school, including but not limited to solving their tuition fees, living expenses, love lunch fees, as well as scholarships, grants, and even the treatment costs of physical diseases;”

“The other half, which will be donated to all orphanages, welfare homes and other children’s welfare institutions across the country, will be used to improve the living and education standards of orphans in welfare institutions;”

“All the funds will be donated to the whole society, and we welcome the supervision of everyone!”

At these words, everyone in the audience was once again in an uproar.

This is ten years, 36 billion dollars!

You donated it all just like that?

Isn’t money money?

How many listed groups with a market capitalisation of hundreds of billions of dollars would not be able to make this amount of profit in ten years, yet the owner of this Spring Return Pill was not the least bit moved?

Moreover, everyone is a top tycoon and knows very well about charity.

Even if they are playing for charity, they don’t play like this!

The rich and powerful in this world, especially those in the West, all seem to be very keen on charity, setting up various charitable foundations and then putting hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars into them.

But in reality, the vast majority of such charitable foundations are set up for tax avoidance purposes.

Western tycoons who donate billions of dollars to set up foundations are actually packaging them as family trusts to avoid the 50 per cent inheritance tax and to leave more money to their children and grandchildren.

Under the Western system, 5 per cent of a foundation’s funds must be used for charity, while the remaining 95 per cent is essentially the same as a family trust, and is tax-free.

So, when the rich in the West do charity, they only give a small amount of their money to good causes, and leave more to their families in this way.

Many Western tycoons also promise to donate naked after their death, but in fact most of them also use this method to repackage their wealth and continue to pa*s it on to their children and grandchildren.

However, the $36 billion that will be donated by the owner of the Spring Return will be donated in its entirety and will be monitored by society as a whole, which means that it is a real donation, and that it will be donated in its entirety without leaving any of it behind ……

This is really …… scary!