Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4386

It was late at night on Hong Kong Island, and Liu Jiahui was in his study, wearing a robe made of silk, when he saw the message handed to him by his butler.

He flipped it open and looked at it a few times, his expression growing more and more grim as he said in a cold voice, “I’ve searched for so many years without finding any clues about him, but I didn’t expect this son of a b*tch to be hiding in Chinatown and opening a restaurant! And the way he looks now, he looks pretty f*cking bad! Even if I saw him face to face, I’m afraid I wouldn’t recognise him!”

The butler was busy saying, “Master, this Chen Zhao Zhong, is really well hidden, it is said that he has hardly shaved for more than twenty years, his hair has grown a bit longer, and his temperament has been a lot more restrained, if it wasn’t for the police over in the US investigating his profile this time, it would really be hard for us to find any trace of him.”

Liu Jiahui frowned and asked, “Why are the American police investigating him? Did he commit a crime in America?”

The butler said, “My informant told me that the police seemed to have suspected him for those things that happened in New York two days ago, plus he was a black person in the US, so the US police found a way to check his identity and then looked for his previous information from this side of Hong Kong Island.”

Liu gritted his teeth and said, “This deadbeat, I always thought that with his intelligence, he would definitely go and buy a new identity and continue to do what he is best at, finance or stocks, and find a way to make a comeback, but I never thought he would go and open such a shabby roast goose shop, what a f*cking loser!”

Liu Jiahui is not as gentle as he seems, or as he appears to outsiders.

At heart, he is actually an extremely small-minded and vindictive person.

He had never given up his desire to kill Chen Zhaozhong over the years.

It was just that Chen Zhao Zhong had hidden himself so well that he had not been able to find him out for so many years.

When his beloved woman came back from the United States, she did not say anything about her life in the United States. Liu Jiahui tried to press her several times, but the other party just wouldn’t say anything, and even let out the word that as long as he stopped pursuing Chen Zhaozhao Zhong, she would keep him in peace for the rest of her life, which made him very stifled for a while.

But he really loved that woman, so he eventually gave up asking.

However, he never gave up trying to finish off Chen Zhao Zhong.

So, he had also talked to his woman about letting Chen Zhao Zhong live as long as he kept his promise and never returned to Hong Kong Island.


Right now, there was a perfect opportunity for him to not break his promise and to get what he wanted at the same time.

So, after reading those information, he sneered and spoke, “Since the American police know that he is an illegal immigrant, then according to the American law, the police should deport him, right?”

“Yes.” The butler said, “Under normal circumstances, he should be deported back to wherever he came from, he left from Hong Kong Island, so if he is deported, he will definitely be deported back to Hong Kong Island.”

Liu Jiahui nodded and smiled playfully, “Ah Quan, I don’t care what you use, make sure that he American police repatriate him back to Hong Kong Island! Then you should send out word to all the gang leaders on Hong Kong Island that Chen will be back soon and that the $30 million I spent back then is still valid! Whoever kills him, the 30 million will be theirs!”

With that, Liu Jiahui added, “By the way, turn the 30 million from Hong Kong dollars into US dollars!”

The butler was busy saying, “Master, you promised Ye Chang Ying at that time, and later Gu Yanzhong, and you also promised on the wife’s side, if you really kill the surnamed Chen, will the follow-up be more tricky ……”

“What are you afraid of?” Liu Jiahui sneered, “I did promise Ye Changyang, I promised Gu Yanzhong, and I also promised Madam to let him go, but I let him go on the condition that he can never return to Hong Kong Island in his lifetime!”

“If he comes back, even if he didn’t come back voluntarily and was repatriated by the Americans, then he’s still back!”

“Then since he has come back, then no one can blame me for being ruthless!”

The butler instantly realized and blurted out, “Master, your move …… is really high!”