Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4385

The confirmation of Chen Zhao Zhong’s identity, on the contrary, made Li Yalin a little disappointed.

He would have liked to hear some extraordinary information, the kind of information that would make one think that there must be something in it.

However, the information returned by his men immediately dispelled his doubts about Chen Zhao Zhong.

As a veteran detective, he knew very well that one could disguise the present, but it was difficult to bury the past.

This was why many criminals, even after they had cleared their names and become successful people that everyone admired, would still end up in jail for their past crimes.

Chen Zhao Zhong’s affairs from 20 to 30 years ago were all dug up, enough to corroborate his relationship with Gu Qiuyi.

Therefore, it was only natural for Gu Qiuyi to go to his roast goose restaurant for dinner.

And it made sense that when Gu Qiuyi was eating at the roast goose shop, she happened to hear An Chongqiu talk about the old man being critically ill, and subsequently travelled a thousand miles to deliver the medicine.

As for why Chen Zhao Zhong deliberately destroyed the CCTV, Li Yalin had a very reasonable explanation in mind, after all, Gu Qiuyi was a big star and Chen Zhao Zhong’s past proved that he was not an ordinary person.

Since it was reasonable, it meant that there was no need to pursue this line of enquiry any further.

Therefore, Li Yalin could only hope that the police could continue to dig deeper along the clues from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons.

Right now, this was the only clue that was a relatively clear direction of investigation.

However, the other party said in a somewhat helpless tone at this time: “Chief, Bruno, who took over from you, has already had a meeting with us today, this case, the direction of the investigation turned to the identification of the victim, as well as the investigation of the specific details of the victim’s kidnapping, the Fei group side, the above has also given notice, meaning not to bother, so the line of the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple, basically will not The line of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple will basically not be investigated anymore ……”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but ask: “Ten Thousand Dragons Temple has killed so many people in New York, so if you don’t investigate it, you won’t investigate it?”

“Yes.” The other party said, “The more you investigate this matter, the trickier it gets, from the mayor to the director, no one recommends further investigation.”

Li Yalin asked again, “Those who were killed were all direct members of well-known big families, can they swallow this?”

The other party said, “You don’t know, the deceased families have all come over to say hello privately, and they have also made it clear that they don’t want the investigation to continue, the more the investigation will affect the family’s reputation, so they now want to be like the Fei family, and rush to come up with a sum of money to compensate the victims, so that the matter can be put to rest as soon as possible.”

Li Yalin was stunned for a moment and said offhandedly, “In that case, the case of Fei Hao Yang and these people being killed is basically like closing the case internally!”

“Yes, that’s the nature of it, it just won’t be announced to the public like that.”

Li Yalin was immediately disappointed to the extreme as he spoke, “Su Ruoli has run away, the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple is no longer investigating, and that Chen Zhao Zhong doesn’t have any problems, so it’s basically impossible for this case to come to light.”

The other party said helplessly, “Chief, this is indeed the situation now ……”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but let out a long sigh, his whole body disappointed to the core.

What he did not know at this moment was that because he had asked someone to investigate Chen Zhao Zhong, almost at the same time, on the other side of the world, a file about Chen Zhao Zhong appeared in front of a top tycoon on Hong Kong Island.

This top tycoon was the same Liu Sheng who once admired Chen Zhao Zhong immensely and later hated him immensely.

Liu Sheng was not his real name.

His real name is Lau Ka Fai, and he is one of the most powerful property developers, shipping companies and investors on Hong Kong Island.

The reason why people call him Liu Sheng is that he has a very good popular base on Hong Kong Island. In the eyes of the Hong Kong people, Liu Jiahui is flamboyant, wealthy, charitable and extremely gentlemanly, so everyone calls him Liu Sheng.

He has had many affairs in Hong Kong over the years and every woman he has had an affair with, even when they have gone their separate ways, still praises him as a rare and good man.

There are many wealthy men who have had affairs, but there is hardly any other who can do what he did.