Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4384

As An Kaifeng had greeted him in advance, so as soon as everyone was seated, the waiters immediately brought the prepared meals one after another.

An Kaifeng took the initiative to have someone bring another bottle of white wine, intending to join his elder brother and accompany Li Yalin to have a few drinks.

The old man seemed to be very concerned about Li Yalin’s current predicament and kept asking him what had happened recently.

Li Yalin was not in a position to say much, and only vaguely said that he had not dealt with a few major cases recently, so when he saw that he did not want to talk about them, he did not ask any more questions.

Li Yalin didn’t have many friends because of his personality, plus his mother left early and his father raised him alone and didn’t renew his marriage, so Li Yalin didn’t have many siblings.

In the last few years, his wife took the children to Houston and he became even more isolated in New York. Although his family has had a good relationship with the An family since his father’s generation, there was a huge disparity, so Li Yalin didn’t feel comfortable coming to visit.

If it wasn’t for the blow An Chongqiu received when he bought the Spring Returning Pill in Jinling some time ago, and it happened that Li Yalin was stuck with the case of Fei Hao Yang’s kidnapping, the two of them wouldn’t have actually had much chance to meet often.

So now, sitting among the An family, the lonely Li Yalin has found a bit of home, and the depression in his heart has been eased a bit.

While he was exchanging gla*ses with An Chongqiu, An Kaifeng and An Zhaonan, Li Yalin received a text message.

The message was sent by his beloved henchman, in which the other party said that he had found out the identity of the owner of the roast goose shop through an informant on Hong Kong Island.

Li Yalin suddenly flinched and hurriedly excused himself to go to the washroom and came out to give the other party a call back.

As soon as the call came through, he asked, “Xiao Wu, what’s the new discovery?!”

The other party said on the phone, “Boss, the owner of the roast goose shop, whose real name is Chen Zhao Zhong, is a black man who came to the United States from Hong Kong Island more than 20 years ago. ran away and came to New York.”

The other party added, “You know this Chen Zhao Zhong, back then, he was known all over Hong Kong Island, he did a big thing that has made the whole Hong Kong Island talk to this day, that is, he abducted the girlfriend of that big tycoon, the two of them were smuggled to America together.”

“f*ck ……” Li Yalin smacked his lips and exclaimed, “This guy is still a f*cking lover!”

“Yes.” The other party added: “Oh yes chief, I also found out one more thing, this Chen Zhao Zhong and that big star called Gu Qiuyi are indeed acquainted, the information fed back by the informant mentioned that Gu Yanzhong, that is Gu Qiuyi’s father, had made a special trip to Hong Kong Island to meet with that big tycoon for his sake.”

Hearing this, Li Yalin could not help but frown and spoke, “This …… this seems to round up ah …… in this way, Gu Qiuyi, a big star, would go to a small roast goose shop in Chinatown, it would be logical ……”

“Yes.” The other party said, “I also think it’s quite logical, and I think this line should have nothing to do with Fei Hao Yang’s kidnapping, so I’m rushing to report it to you.”

Li Yalin laughed at himself, “I have already retired early, how can I talk about reporting, if you have any latest developments in this case in the future, just reveal a little to me appropriately without violating the rules.”