Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4387

Meanwhile, New York’s Chinatown.

Because it was lunchtime, Chen Zhao Zhong’s restaurant was doing good business.

Just the two of them, he and his mate, were already busy.

However, while Chen Zhao Zhong was waiting for his customers, he had also been quietly surveying outside the door.

Because, he noticed that, since this morning, there was always a car that would park across the road in front of his shop.

Although the other party had changed four cars and different locations, Chen Zhao Zhong could still tell that the four cars, despite their different locations, could all see the front entrance of his roast goose shop.

This made his heart vaguely apprehensive.

He knew that the NYPD must be on to him.

Being watched by the police made Chen Zhao Zhong’s heart inevitably nervous.

The mate could see that something was wrong with him and hurriedly went up to him and asked, “Uncle Zhong, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing ……,” Chen Zhao Zhong smiled sarcastically and said, “You go ahead and get busy, don’t worry about me.”

The mate nodded gently and said, “If you are tired, go down and rest for a while, I can do it alone.”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded gratefully, but had no intention of leaving.

At that moment, the car across the road suddenly started up and drove away from Chinatown.

He thought that the other side would soon switch to another car to take its turn, but to his surprise, after this car had gone, no other suspicious vehicles appeared.

This gave him a little relief.

But soon, his brow furrowed again.

He immediately took off his over-sleeves and apron and said to the mate, “Keung-boy, put up the suspension, close the shop straight after the customers have left, and then come and find me downstairs.”

The mate didn’t know why he was suddenly in such a hurry and nodded his head and said, “Okay Uncle Zhong I got it!”

When Chen Zhao Zhong finished speaking, he went to the basement alone, there were two rooms downstairs, which were his and his mate Qiang Chai’s bedrooms.

When Chen Zhao Zhong returned to his room, the first thing he did was to start packing his luggage, he only picked the things that meant the most to him and packed them into his suitcase, other than that he didn’t even pack a change of clothes.

Half an hour later, Chen Zhao Zhong had packed a modest suitcase.

The mate, Keung Chai, walked quickly down the stairs and said at the door, “Uncle Chung, the customers have all left and I’ve closed the door.”

“Good.” Chen Zhao Zhong said, “Qiang Zai you come in.”

“Okay.” Strong Boy pushed open the door and just as he walked into the bedroom, he found Chen Zhao Zhong packing his things, so he was surprised and asked, “Uncle Zhong, where are you going?”

Chen Zhao Zhong looked at Qiang Zai and said, “Qiang Zai, I may have to return to Hong Kong Island in the near future, after I leave, this shop will be handed over to you.

Keung was surprised and asked, “Uncle Chung …… you …… how can you go back to Hong Kong Island? That Liu surname will kill you ……”

Chen Zhao Zhong smiled faintly, “I was illegally staying in the United States, I am considered an illegal immigrant, since the police have already found me, I guess there is not much time left before I am deported, even if I don’t want to go, I can’t help it.”

Even if I don’t want to go, I can’t help it.” Qiang said, “Uncle Zhong, you can’t just wait to be deported back! Why don’t you leave New York and hide out for a while?”

“No.” Chen Zhao Zhong waved his hand and said indifferently, “I’m tired of hiding after more than twenty years, if I continue to hide like this, I’ll have to despise myself.”