Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4475

At this moment, he suppressed his anger at being exposed by Ye Chen and said to Ye Chen with a smile on his face, “Mr. Ye has travelled a long way, the journey must have been hard, my humble self has prepared a reception banquet for Mr. Ye at my residence, if Mr. Ye does not mind, we will leave directly now.”

Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “Then I’ll respectfully accept your request.”

Liu Jiahui laughed and made a gesture of invitation, then wrapped his arm around Ye Chen’s back and said enthusiastically, “Come, come, Mr Ye, this way please!”

Outside the door of the airport exit hall, a convoy of several Rolls-Royces was neatly parked at the roadside.

Liu Jiahui led Ye Chen to the Rolls-Royce car in the middle and then said to his wife Fang Jiaxin, “Jiaxin, you take the one in front, I’ll take this one with Mr. Ye.”

Fang Jiaxin had to nod and turned around to walk to the Rolls-Royce in front, and after the bodyguard pulled open the door for her, she bent down and got in.

Liu Jiahui, on the other hand, took the initiative to pull open the rear door for Ye Chen and said with a smile, “After you, Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen was not polite, and after a slight nod, he directly sat in the car.

Liu Jiahui got in next, and as the caravan slowly drove away from the airport, Liu took the initiative to talk to Ye Chen, “I wonder if Mr. Ye has ever been to Hong Kong Island before?”

Ye Chen said blandly, “I have, but it was when I was very young.”

Liu Jiahui laughed, “The changes over the years have been very great. If Mr. Ye has enough time in the next two days, I will show you around Hong Kong Island and see how it has developed over the years!”

As he was talking, Liu Jiahui’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and the person who called was his daughter, Liu Manqiong.

He apologetically said to Ye Chen, “Sorry Mr. Ye, I’ll take a call, it’s my daughter.”

Ye Chen nodded, “Be my guest, Mr. Liu.”

Liu Jiahui picked up the phone and asked, “Manqiong, have you arrived home yet?”

On the other end of the phone, a cold voice came out, “I have something to do at noon, so I won’t go back.”

Liu Jiahui was furious and said, “What the hell are you doing? Didn’t I tell you that I have an important guest at noon! I don’t care what you have to do, you have to go home at noon today!”

The person on the other end of the phone said with great dissatisfaction, “I have said that I have something to do, you can entertain your valuable guests yourself, what does it have to do with me?”

Liu Jiahui was furious and said, “If I don’t see you home within half an hour, you don’t want the second HK$50 million donation!”

“You ……” The voice on the other end of the phone was shaking with anger, “How can you go back on your word!”

Liu Jiahui said in a cold voice: “The money is mine, I can give it if I want to, or not if I don’t want to, in any case, you think it over!”

After saying that, Liu Jiahui immediately hung up the phone.

Immediately after that, he hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, I’m really sorry, my daughter is naughty, so I made you laugh!”