Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4081

The old godfather’s angry roar left everyone a little distraught.

People didn’t quite understand why the old godfather was so sensitive about the matter of calling the police.

So one woman cried and asked him, “Godfather …… At times like this …… We have no choice but to call the police …… What other good option is there?”

The old godfather asked her back with a black face, “Hasn’t your husband told you not to seek police help even if he dies? This is a basic principle that every member of the group knows!”

At these words, the woman instantly became somewhat dismayed and said softly, “He did say something like that …… But …… But ……”

The old godfather said in a cold voice: “There is no such thing as but or not, you must know that gangs, have always been at odds with the police! There’s no point in calling the police about gang matters!”

“The police in Vancouver have long blacklisted us gang members. If a gang member is injured, killed or disappears, the police will not file a case!”

“We’ve long had a tacit agreement with the police that matters between gangs are to be settled in the gang world, so as you know, even if a member of our group, while selling powder on the street, is killed by another gang member, we won’t call the police! We would just gather our brothers and kill back to avenge him, and then come up with a pension so that his wife and children can live without worrying about their future!”

At this point, he looked around at the crowd and asked in a cold voice, “If your husbands, sons or brothers had been killed at this time, would you want the police to do justice for you? In that case, if the police caught the murderer, the maximum sentence would be life imprisonment! But what is our Sicilian tradition? It’s an eye for an eye, blood for blood!”

In this country, this would be completely impossible, but in Canada and the United States, where gangs are mixed, it is what the old godfather said.

There is a tacit agreement between the police and the gangs not to interfere, and as long as the gangs don’t get into serious trouble, the police generally don’t interfere.

After all, in a place like this, where there are many gangs, if the police started to interfere in gang affairs, it would be tantamount to breaking the natural balance between the gangs, which would lead to all the other gangs having problems with the police, making it more difficult to coordinate in the future.

If the police intervene in this matter, does it mean that they will have to intervene in all future matters?

Moreover, gangs, among themselves, are very sick of people using the police to solve problems.

Because in their view, since everyone is a member of a gang, whether we have a grudge against each other or not, we must be at loggerheads with the police, and if anyone runs to the police when they are in trouble, they will definitely cause anger in the gang circle, and thus be permanently ostracised by that circle.

Although the old godfather Ryan had retired from the world, the death of his five sons had not made him change his professional conduct as a gang member, and it was natural that he would be even less likely to break his principles at this time.

So he said in a tone that left no room for doubt: “We must be more patient in this matter, wait a little longer! Wait for them to return, or for their superiors to appear!”

The crowd looked at Father Ryan and wondered what he meant by his superior.

Old Godfather Ryan spoke up, “We have over eight hundred people missing in one breath this time, if something really happened to them, they must have offended someone very big, and from what I know about the group, the vast majority of the group’s business, there is no chance that they would have offended someone so capable, so I seriously doubt that they have offended someone so big because they are working for their superior family. ”

“Right now, the upper family hasn’t come out to give a statement, and if we call the police now, no one will pay a single penny of pension for your husbands, sons and brothers!”

“But if we don’t call the police, the higher-ups in this matter will definitely give a satisfactory explanation to everyone!”

“Even if we can’t find the real culprit behind this, at least we won’t let your loved ones die in vain! This, you must understand!”

With these words, everyone at the scene was convinced.

It was indeed simple to call the police.

However, if something really happened to their family members, the police would not provide any help for the future lives of these families, other than helping them find out the truth.

Many of them are old, weak, women and children who simply do not have the ability to earn money, and if they do not receive a pension, then the family will immediately fall into hardship.

For the sake of money and the future, they must be patient and wait.


At this very moment.

The waters off Vancouver.