Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4293

The Fei family had no other choice at this point, so they could only follow Fei Shanhai down the stairs in the lift to the ground floor lobby.

The few remaining martial arts masters of the Fei family could only follow behind them in silence at this time, not daring to move in the slightest.

They knew very well that after Yuan Zixu had left, Zhang Chuan, the strongest of them all, had already spent the afternoon kneeling in the dining room, and under such circumstances, how could the few of them be a match for the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

Only, just now Wan Breaking Jun only told the bodyguards with guns to go out and surrender, he didn’t say that they, the martial arts experts, should also go out, so the only thing they could do now was to play the grandchild.

And when Fei’s family arrived downstairs, they realised that the hall, which was as opulent as a palace, was actually filled with only Wan Bajun.

Fei Shanhai was a*sisted to Wan Breaking Jun’s front, bowed respectfully and said with some apprehension, “Hall Master Wan …… I am Fei Shanhai, the head of the Fei family …… don’t know… I don’t know what my Fei family has done to anger and offend Hall Master Wan that has caused Hall Master Wan to come to the door to ask for punishment ……”

Wan Bajun glanced at him and sneered, “It seems that you, the Fei family head, don’t have any self-awareness either, don’t you know in your heart what your Fei family has done to harm heaven and earth?”

Fei Shanhai said in a panic: “Lord Wan Hall …… under …… I really don’t understand what you mean by that, although I, Fei Shanhai, am not a great good person who is treacherous to the world, but I have never done anything to harm heaven and earth things ……”

As he said that, he suddenly remembered something and hurriedly explained, “By the way, Hall Master Wan …… has had some minor problems with the transfer of power within our Fei family before, but I personally think that those are the family affairs of our Fei family, even if there are some inappropriate things in it, it is far from being harmful to God, right? I don’t think it’s a good idea to talk about harming God, right?”

Before I came here, my boss explained to me that he would give you a chance to repent yourself, and if you could tell us all your sins, he would give you some leniency when he came. What’s wrong with you?”

Fei Shanhai was horrified, he didn’t expect that Wan Bajun, who was the Lord of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, would have a boss!

Then who would be Wan Bajun’s boss?

As he was thinking, the roar of a helicopter suddenly came from outside.

A heavy helicopter slowly landed on the lawn outside.

The hatch opened and Ye Chen jumped out of the aircraft alone and stepped into the hall on the ground floor.

The moment he just saw Ye Chen, Fei Shanhai’s entire person was struck by lightning.

“Surprisingly …… surprisingly it was him?!”

Fei Shanhai had never dreamed that the boss that Wan Broken Jun, the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, was talking about would be this fellow surnamed Ye!

The other members of Fei’s family were also dumbfounded, especially Fei Xuebin, who was so scared that his legs went weak.

He could not help but recall the scene of his first meeting with Ye Chen.

At that time, he still thought that Ye Chen was just a clown who jumped the gun.

But to his surprise, he was the one behind all this!

Wan Bajun had just stood up from the sofa at that moment and respectfully said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen nodded slightly in greeting, then looked at the horrified Fei Shanhai and said in a cold voice, “What? Are you surprised to see me?”

Fei Shanhai hurriedly said respectfully, “Mr. Ye …… It was my eyes and Quanzi’s eyes that offended you repeatedly before, please be able to give me a chance to change my ways for the sake of my advanced age …… ”

Ye Chen laughed: “Oh? Want to reform, then do you know what you have done wrong?”

“This ……” Fei Shanhai arched his hand and said, “My mistake was that I should not have seen the mountain with a blind eye and neglected you, Mr. Ye …… Please forgive me! I’m sorry!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “Fei Shanhai, you have at least five sins, arrogance is only one of them, do you know the other four?”