Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4292

And the money they earned was either for their own enjoyment and dazzle, or to keep their families clothed and fed.

If they were to be deterred by the safety of their own lives, they would probably go out of their way to fight so that they could earn a huge pension for their families.

If that were the case, it would instead inspire them to fight.

Although the ones from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple who came to New York this time were all masters among masters, and it was absolutely easy to take on the bodyguards of the Paid Family, Ye Chen still hoped that he could give up without a fight.

Therefore, he directly asked Wan Bajun to pose as a serial killer, just to make this group of bodyguards understand that even if they sacrificed their lives for the Fei family today, it would still not give their families a worry-free life for the rest of their lives.

On the contrary, it would also bring his family members, the scourge of death.

In this way, the bodyguards would naturally lose the courage to fight to the death.

Moreover, the deterrent power of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall naturally went without saying. Not to mention these bodyguards, even the Fei family would definitely not dare to go against the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.

Therefore, at this time, the bodyguards had already given up the thought of resisting.

And at this moment, Wan Bajun gradually closed in, standing just less than fifty metres from the main entrance of the main villa of the Fei Family Manor.

He looked up at the imposing and ma*sive villa, a cold smile wiped across the corner of his mouth as he said aloud, “All bodyguards with guns listen up, I’ll give you one minute, after that, all bodyguards who don’t come out and surrender will be killed!”

With that, he looked at his wristwatch and said in a cold voice, “Start the clock!”

Those bodyguards who were already in a state of confusion heard these words, and almost without thinking, they raised their weapons with both hands and ran out of the villa to surrender to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

And a portion of the bodyguards who had already arrived at the ward also left the ward quickly and flew downstairs to surrender without a second thought.

After all, no one wanted to become an enemy of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

When the Fei family saw that all the bodyguards had run away, their hearts were even more desperate, and they all looked at Fei Shanhai, hoping that he, the family head, could save the day.

Although Fei Shanhai was already in a panic, he understood in his heart that since the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall was on the rampage, he would not be able to escape even if he wanted to, so he was able to pretend to be calm and said, “Don’t panic first! In this situation, it’s useless to panic!”

Fei Xuebin said with a tearful face, “Dad, Wanbeijun has arrived downstairs, what should we do …… or go upstairs and take the helicopter to retreat first!”

“Retreat?!” Fei Shanhai’s eyebrows rose as he angrily rebuked, “I am the Fei family head, where do you want me to withdraw now?! If I withdraw, wouldn’t it be like giving the Fei family back to your grandfather with my hands?!”

Fei Xuebin blurted out, “Dad …… it’s important to stay alive now!”

Fei Shanhai’s face was pale, and he didn’t know what to do for a while.

Just at this time, Wan Bajun shouted downstairs, “Who is the master of the Fei family? The one who is in charge comes to meet me on the ground floor!”

After saying this, he stepped into the Fei family villa and sat down on the sofa in the hall on the ground floor.

Fei Shanhai’s mind kept flying as he spoke, “If that Wan Bajun really wanted us dead, we might have been killed by him silently when the power went out just now, and since he has now come downstairs openly and asked me to go down to meet him, he must want to talk to us about the terms.”

Fei Shanhai knew very well that it was a blessing but not a curse, and that there was no other solution at the moment except to go and face Wan Xiaojun and try to meet his demands.

So, he gave up in his heart, thinking that he would just pay a big price for peace, and as long as he could take care of Wan Brejun, he would still be the head of the Fei family!

Thinking of this, he said to his second and third sons at his side, “Help me up, I want to go down to see Wan Bajun!”