Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4493

Liu Manqiong said helplessly, “Please mind your own business, I heard that you broke up with your new boyfriend again? You’ve only been dating for a few days this time.”

The girl bristled, “That slag, I don’t even want to mention him! He was only with me because he wanted me to help him with his graduation project, and he broke up with me when I helped him get the project done ……”

Liu Manqiong sighed and said, “Please polish your eyes when you look at boys next time.”

The girl looked at Ye Chen again and said seriously, “But then again, Sister Manqiong, I really think this man next to you is a good match for you eh!”

“Stop it!” Liu Manqiong hastily reached out to stop the other party and spoke, “You’ve proven countless times on yourself that your vision is basically equal to nothing, so if you think he’s a good match for me, then odds are he’s not suitable for me at all.”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but give Ye Chen a white glance.

Ye Chen smiled slightly at this time and said to that girl, “I’m her fiance, she said it herself.”

When the crowd heard this, they couldn’t help but let out a gasp of surprise.

The woman looked at Liu Manqiong and said with a great deal of meaning, “Sister Manqiong …… I didn’t expect you to lie to even us!”

Liu Manqiong said helplessly, “You guys don’t listen to his nonsense, this kind of boy is not my cup of tea at all.”

After saying that, she looked at everyone and spoke, “Everyone should get busy with their business first, don’t gossip nonsense!”

Then, she opened the cardboard box she had brought, and took out several personal items from inside, introducing them to the few people around her, “This laptop I got rid of at the beginning of the year, I checked the second-hand websites, most of them are around four thousand dollars, I bid three thousand, it should be easy to sell, and this game console, it was over two thousand Hong Kong dollars when I bought it, I bid one thousand two …… ”

After briefly introducing the personal items to everyone, Liu Manqiong then said to the crowd, “Hard work everyone, keep up the good work, I still have some business, so I won’t be here with you.”

After saying that, she hurriedly said to Ye Chen, “Let’s go!”

Ye Chen laughed, “You’ve just arrived and you’re leaving? I think this kind of charity sale is quite interesting, it just so happens that I have a few Power Pills in my pocket, do you want to use them to support you as well?”

Liu Manqiong looked at Ye Chen helplessly and said seriously, “It’s against the law to sell Power Pills in Hong Kong …… Besides, if we don’t leave, we will definitely get into trouble ……”

Ye Chen gazed at a few sneaky men in the distance and said with a smile, “Good! Listen to people and eat your fill, let’s go.”

Liu Manqiong was relieved to see that Ye Chen finally knew how to discuss for once, and hurriedly said goodbye to the crowd and took Ye Chen back to the car park.

She was most worried about Zhong Zitao finding people to retaliate against Ye Chen, in case a dozen people really came and blocked Ye Chen, she could not even save him if she wanted to.

When the two of them arrived at the car park, Liu Manqiong subconsciously wanted to go to the driver’s seat, but Ye Chen suddenly called out to her and said, “Miss Manqiong, if you don’t mind, let me drive.”

“You drive?” Liu Manqiong asked, “You’re not familiar with Hong Kong Island, and it’s a right-hand drive, the direction of travel is also reversed from the mainland, can you get used to it?”

Ye Chen laughed, “As long as it’s not steering in the opposite direction that you have to step on under your feet, I can drive it.”

Liu Manqiong shrugged and said, “Then you can drive it.”

After Ye Chen got in the car, he didn’t rush to drive away, but took out his phone and opened the map to study it for a while.

It was only after he saw the few sneaky faces getting into different cars that he said to Liu Manqiong, “I think this place, Saffron Ridge, is not bad, let’s go there and have a look around.”

“Saffron Ridge?!” Liu Manqiong said dumbfounded, “It’s all the way to the far north of Hong Kong Island, it’s very far, and it’s in the mountains, what’s the point of going there?”

Ye Chen laughed, “There are some things that have to be done in less crowded places!”