Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3912

The efficacy of the Spring Return Pill never disappoints those who take it.

The rich black man had just put a quarter of the Pill into his mouth when he felt the Pill turn into a warm stream that instantly flowed into his abdomen.

Immediately afterwards, the heat flow was instantly dispersed from his abdomen to his whole body.

He then felt a wonderful sensation that he had never felt before in his life, as if his whole body was bathed in God’s holy light, feeling extremely soothed in every part of his body.

Then, he suddenly felt as if his senses had entered into a state of slow motion.

This was because the trembling of his body instantly began to slow down drastically.

He had already gotten used to the strong involuntary tremors in his body, so he didn’t react at all when his body’s trembling suddenly slowed down drastically.

In addition, everything around him, almost everyone around him, was standing there motionless, so he was even less able to find a suitable reference point to determine whether his shaking had slowed down because it was really slowing down or because his senses had slowed down.

Not only did he fail to figure it out, but the others were just as confused.

They too could see that the old man on the stage had instantly slowed down his shaking speed a lot, but they had no other reference point either, so they didn’t know at once whether they were blinded or not.

However, what made them different from the old man was that they just didn’t look back for a while, but once they did, they were immediately able to find a reference from themselves.

Some of those who reacted quickly were the first to spread their hands out and make fists with their ten fingers, and then later to open their palms, to determine that they did not have the illusion of seeing slower by confirming the speed at which their fingers came together and opened.

So that would establish that the old man’s shaking on the stage was really a great improvement.

When they tried to get a better look again, they were shocked to find that the old man was not shaking anymore ……

At this time, someone in the bidding gallery shouted, “My goodness! Look! That old man isn’t shaking at all!”

The crowd looked again and saw that the old man, who had been the only one in the room moving, was now completely still!

The old black man, who was shaking to the point of visual stigmata, was now standing there quietly, like a wax statue, motionless.

It was only when the rich black man saw the movements of many people on the stage that he finally realised that it wasn’t that time had stood still or that his senses had slowed down, but that he had actually stopped shaking!

At this moment, he tried to raise his own hand to touch his nose.

Previously, this simplest of actions had been the most difficult for him.

Because, with severe Parkinson’s disease, his fingers, wrists, arms and even his entire body were constantly shaking, it was difficult for him to lift his hand, and even more impossible for him to get it to touch his nose accurately.

For countless nights he was immersed in his beautiful dreams, too happy to wake up, and most of those beautiful dreams were of him finally succeeding in touching his nose; happiness was so simple for him, yet so difficult.

However, never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he had just taken the rejuvenation pill and in less than half a minute, not only had his entire body stopped trembling, but even his body’s sense of strength had been greatly restored.

He easily lifted his own arm and, with hardly any deviation, touched his nose.

At this moment, it was as if his tear ducts had lost their restraint, and one bean-sized tear after another came rushing out without stopping.

This feeling, for him, was like being reborn.

He was so excited that he suddenly jumped up on the spot, and just at the moment he landed heavily on the ground, as if venting his anger, he shouted: “Parkinson! You’ve tormented me like a demon for so long, and today I’ve finally defeated you!!!”

It was like an illusion that a person with severe Parkinson’s who had just been supported to walk a few dozen metres in seven or eight minutes could now not only lose all his symptoms, but even jump on the spot, shout loudly, and even stop stumbling over his words as he had just done.

An explosion of excitement erupted from the stage!

Many people had already subconsciously stood up, as if they were in great shock, and were shouting frantically under their breath.

Some were shouting, This can’t be!

Some were shouting, He’s really well!

Someone was shouting, I must be dreaming!

Some were shouting, “This is not a dream, this is a miracle!