Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3676

Hearing Ye Chen’s question, Wan Bajun explained, “Our Wan Long Temple used to be in the mercenary field and our biggest competitors were all in the United States, so we set up an anonymous intelligence trading network in the United States, in theory, anyone who felt they had some kind of valuable information could submit an application to sell a lead in this intelligence network of ours. ”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “I want to know, this trading network of yours, how exactly does it work?”

Wan Bajun continued, “First of all, we have searched for more suitable targets for breakthroughs among the more elite groups in all walks of life in the U.S. Such targets are usually the kind of people who have a greater desire for money, or who have major problems with their financial situation, they are bent on making money, and as long as there is an opportunity, they will definitely not let go.”

“After we find such a person, we will contact him privately and anonymously and tell him that we have such a website that allows him to sell information risk-free and make a large sum of money easily, and generally speaking, they will be moved after knowing this.”

Saying that, Wan Bajun explained again, “After he knows about this platform, he can sell any intelligence to us at any time, if he happens to have a confidential intelligence in his hand, and he thinks that this intelligence can be exchanged for money, then he will go on this website and fill out an application for sale.”

“In the application, he has to roughly describe the general direction of this intelligence he has, and the relevant information, and our reviewers, after seeing the application, will manually screen it based on what they have filled out.”

“If the information is of no value to us, we will not respond, and in that case the transaction will not proceed;”

“But if the general direction of the intelligence is of value to us, we will communicate directly with the other party to ask for more information.”

“After determining that this intelligence is indeed what we need, we will negotiate a trade price with the other party and then trade the intelligence online.”

Ye Chen asked again, “How can you safeguard the other party in such a transaction? If he sells confidential information to you, I think he must be taking a lot of risks.”

Wan Bajun said, “We are using an absolutely anonymous online exchange method, and the whole process will be done through our hacking team, erasing all relevant information of the other party, so no one can check them out.”

“Moreover, we won’t settle cash or remittances to them either, we all use a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin to transact with the other party.”

“The cryptocurrency is basically a cryptographic string, and this cryptographic string is anonymous, there is no way to trace it, no one can find out how it circulates.”

“So we just need to give this cryptographic string to him and he can exchange it for dollars on the trading platform, which greatly protects their safety.”

Speaking of this, Wan Bajun added, “The reason why this information came to me today was because that pharmaceutical expert felt that the Nine Mysterious Reclamation Pill was extremely hot right now, so maybe someone was willing to buy information related to it, so this person submitted an application on the website, and after our people saw it, they immediately reported it to me, and we ended up using half a million dollars worth of cryptocurrency , and bought this intelligence from the other party.”