Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3829

Ye Chen thought about it and said casually, “You do this, you go find a graphic designer and have him design a lo, lo design it as a golden elixir, plus three big words – Hui Chun Dan, package the clothing of Hui Chun Dan as a brand, say that it is a new luxury item, limited to 200 sets worldwide Each set is priced at 1.5 million!”

Chen Zekai almost gushed out a mouthful of old blood.

A total of two hundred people, limited to two hundred sets, and I don’t know what kind of limited edition this was.

Moreover, this price is really black out of the sky, the profit margin is as high as 99.99 ……

Ye Chen at this time a person is very serious said: “Old Chen look, usually this group of people, wearing a lv, carrying a Hermes then feel like cattle, a piece of clothing printed with lv lo move tens of thousands of dollars, a Hermes bag is even more expensive than the sky, since we all love face so much, then I this Hui Chun Dan clothing is the best luxury, a set of sportswear one and a half million Can Hermes be compared to that?”

Chen Zekai was sweating beyond belief.

He knew that his young master sometimes had a black heart, but he never thought it would be so black ……

If this got out, people would say that Buckingham Palace didn’t even want its face.

However, he also knew Ye Chen’s style of action, and although he was extremely shocked in his heart, he still said very quickly, “Don’t worry, young master, I will do it.”

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and said, “In the future, these fees will be levied as usual every year for the Spring Return Dan auction, and this money from the annual sale of clothing, help me donate it to schools in poor areas and make free winter and summer uniforms for the children there, as many as you can, and as for that part of the annual transportation costs, donate it all to the primary schools in the mountainous areas and equip them with school buses and drivers, as many as you can. Allocate as many as you can.”

The same goes for the school buses. First, we should investigate the approximate needs of the schools in the mountainous areas and then purchase different vehicles according to the different needs. All the driver’s salaries and insurance will be paid from this company, and the normal cost of use will also be paid by this company, but the finance must be properly audited, and no one will be allowed to interfere in this.”

Chen Zekai did not expect that, with a casual remark, Ye Chen would donate all the 500 million cash that had been sent to him in one year, and he would still have to donate every year after that.

So he immediately said respectfully, “Yes young master, I will do my best to ensure that your requests are implemented item by item.”

Ye Chen nodded, stretched and spoke, “Alright, I’ll go first, when these buyers start arriving one after another, keep an eye on that Fei Jianzhong for me, if he arrives, inform me at the first opportunity.”

“Okay Young Master!”

When Ye Chen left from Richard Chen’s office, Fei Kexin, along with her entourage, was preparing to check out of her room and leave, moving on to the Golden International Hotel.

Her a*sistant, Chen Ying Shan, was making sure that there were no missing items in the room for her while saying to Fei Ke Xin, “Miss, arrangements have been made over at the Golden International Hotel, which is also a presidential suite, so we can just move there directly.”

Fei Ke Xin nodded slightly and asked her, “Right Shan Shan, no, confirm with grandpa’s secretary the exact time he will come to China?”

Chen Ying Shan nodded and said, “I’ve already confirmed with Secretary Shen, the auction starts in five days, and Grandpa will depart and fly over on the third day, arriving on the fourth.”

Fei Ke Xin said with a grave expression, “Tell Grandpa’s secretary to arrange for him to come over a day earlier.”

Chen Ying Shan said, “Miss, the itinerary for grandpa is all set by Secretary Shen, if we want to change the plan at the last minute, Secretary Chen won’t agree to it for the sake of grandpa’s safety. ……”

Fei Ke Xin said directly, “Tell him that this is my intention, I have my reasons for arranging this.”

Chen Ying Shan said cautiously, “Miss, at the risk of asking, what are your plans? Do you need my help?”

Fei Ke Xin sighed and said, “I want to bring grandpa along and have a meal with Ye Chen ……”