Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4530

Only then did Ye Chen say, “We will arrange for you to board the ship tonight, and all of you will work for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in Syria, if you behave well, I will let you back in ten years, but if anyone intends to escape, they will also be killed!”

Upon hearing these words, the crowd broke down and cried out.

Ten years of hard labour in Syria?

How could these punks, who were always bullying the market, stand that kind of suffering?

Besides, once they left Hong Kong Island, they would not even be considered as a fart, let alone being under the command of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, and they could not afford to mess with any one of the tens of thousands of troops of the Temple.

When the time came, they would be slaves to be oppressed by others.

Seeing no reaction from the crowd, Ye Chen said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, since they were offered a way to live, but they did not accept it, then kill them all, leaving no one behind!”

Without thinking, Wan Bajun nodded his head and said, “My subordinate obeys my orders!”

With this, the gang of punks were scared sh*tless, so one by one they started kowtowing continuously, and cried out I accept.

Seeing that they were convinced, Ye Chen then asked Wan Bajun, “How many people have come from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall this time?”

Wan Bajun busily said, “Back to Mr. Ye, the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple has come with a total of one hundred and eighty people, most of whom have already lurked around the homes of the core members of the major gangs on Hong Kong Island.”

When Hong Yuanshan heard this, his heart was even more frightened: “So the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall has long set up an ambush to include all the core members of the major gangs on Hong Kong Island. What the hell is this Ye Chen going to do? He is already the master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, will he still covet this mu of land in the hands of the Hong Kong Island gangs?!”

At this time, Ye Chen looked at Hong Yuanshan and spoke, “Hong Yuanshan, you are old, so I will be humane and not let you go to Syria, so I will leave you to continue to be the Hongmen Sect Master on Hong Kong Island.”

Hearing this, Hong Yuanshan was pleasantly surprised and kowtowed, “Thank you, Mr. Ye, for your generosity! Thank you, Mr. Ye, for being so generous!!!”

Ye Chen sneered, “Don’t rush yet, I have another task for you when I keep you in the Hong Sect.”

Hong Yuanshan was busy saying, “Mr. Ye, please speak!”

Ye Chen said, “I want you to raise ten billion dollars for the Ten Thousand Dragon Temple in the next ten years!”

“Ten billion dollars?!” Hong Yuanshan felt like a thunderstorm and cried, “Mr. Ye, all my a*sets combined are only US$100 million at most, and you want me to donate it all, how do you want me to raise US$10 billion in ten years ……”

Ye Chen pointed to Zhong Yunqiu beside him and said indifferently, “Don’t you have a filial godson?”