Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4221

Hattori Kazuo had just finished saying that it would never be wrong to listen to Ye Chen’s orders, but to his surprise, Ye Chen turned his face and let Wan Bajun give his own family such a dodgy task.

Hattori Hanzo’s expression was also embarra*sed. If he were to publicly announce that he had cooperated with those experts of the Fei family and was responsible for the terrorist attack that didn’t happen, wouldn’t that be like cutting himself off from the Japanese people?

The Japanese people who didn’t know the truth would definitely swear at the Iga ninja, and the reputation of the Iga ninja would never be rebuilt in their lifetime.

Ichigo Hattori could not help but plead, “Master Wan …… if we really make this statement …… our ancestors’ centuries of accumulation will be ruined… . can you please plead with Grandmaster Ye and ask him to leave a way out for us Iga ninja ……”

Wan Bajun said coldly, “Hattori Kazuo, you came from Japan to the United States and tried to kidnap Miss Gu, which is a capital crime in itself, now Mr. Ye spared your life and gave your clan a chance to go to the sea. What do you want to leave behind? Are you Iga ninja still planning to return to Japan in the future? If you still want to go back to Japan, then why should Mr. Ye give you Iga ninja this opportunity? You should know that if Mr. Ye had not brought your clan to America in time, you would have all died last night!”

Hattori Kazuo was speechless, and Hattori Hanzo choked back a sob, “Master Wan …… We Iga ninja have been the pride of the Japanese people for many years, if we are really allowed to lose our reputation in Japan, we will be sorry to the ancestors of the Iga ninja!”

The Iga ninja will follow Mr. Ye’s orders wholeheartedly from today onwards, and you will never go back to Japan in your lifetime. what the Fei family will do to you next, that is your own problem.”

After saying that, he pointed at Hattori Kazuo and said coldly, “But Hattori Kazuo, your father and the others can leave, but you and your seven men are not allowed to leave, and since you cannot accept Mr Ye’s terms, then be prepared to be punished.”

Hattori Kazuo was flustered and said without thinking, “I am willing to follow Master Ye’s lead!”

After saying that, he hurriedly looked at his father again and said, “Father! Say something! If you don’t agree, even if the Iga ninja return to Japan, they won’t be relied upon by the Ito family, and the future is still in danger! But if we stay in America, when Mr. Ye takes care of the Fei family, our future will be bright!”

Hattori Hanzo pondered for a moment and said through clenched teeth, “Good! Iga ninja, may everything be at Master Ye’s disposal!”

Wan Bajun nodded in satisfaction and said, “In that case, let’s not delay, I’ve already had the room set up, you two go and shoot the video now.”


Ten minutes later, a video, recorded by Hattori Hanzo and Hattori Kazuo themselves, went viral on the internet.

In the video, father and son sit in an empty room, completely plastered with studio white background paper to avoid being identified, as they sit and face the camera and tell the shocking truth.

It turns out that the terrorist attack that took place in Iga City last night was planned by them in conjunction with forces outside the country, and that the explosives used in the attack were all supplied by the Iga ninja, and that they had given up their Iga-gun Castle to these terrorists.

But to their surprise, the matter was known in advance by the Homeland Security Department, which subsequently rounded up the members of the foreign forces.

After the father and son explained what had happened, it was also officially announced that the Iga ninja would be responsible for the incident.