Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3870

Seeing that Bernard Elnor had offered money and conceded, Ye Chen said to him with satisfaction, “Mr. Elnor, this matter of dispensing goods will end for now, but our boss has one more thing to instruct you.”

Bernard Elnor hurriedly said, “Please say ……”

Ye Chen said indifferently, “The allocation list that I just showed you, you must keep it absolutely confidential and must not let anyone know.”

Bernard Elnor said without a second thought, “Don’t worry about this, I will definitely not disclose it to the public.”

“That’s good.” Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Right, there is one more thing that I need your help with.”

Bernard Elnor hurriedly asked, “Anything else you want to do, just give me an order!”

Ye Chen said casually, “Our boss doesn’t like your shop in Jinling very much, his intention is for you to arrange to withdraw the shop as soon as possible, don’t keep any of the people in the original shop, fire all of them, especially the commission for the distribution of goods, don’t pay out a single cent.”

Bernard Elnor, who hated the shop with a pa*sion, did not hesitate to agree to this and said, “Please don’t worry, I will close the shop today and get rid of everyone in it!”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and smiled, “In that case, then you keep these valuable antiques and we will take our leave first.”

With that, Ye Chen shoved the three items into his arms in one go, before greeting Zhang Ermao and leaving the Presidential Suite together.

As soon as he left the door of the room, Zhang Ermao couldn’t help but gasp out loud and said, “Ye …… Master Ye …… you are really ruthless …… with that little piece of sh*t, I I wouldn’t dare to ask for two hundred thousand even if I put it in the antique street, you actually asked for two billion with that old man just now …… this almost has to be tens of millions of times the profit hmm ……”.

Ye Chen laughed: “Zhang Ermao, today you performed well, don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly either, I will ask Chen Zekai to prepare two million cash for you later.”

When Zhang Ermao heard this, he quickly waved his hand and said, “Master Ye, that’s not what I meant …… how much money you make is your skill, I don’t have eyes for it ……”

Ye Chen said, “This is a small token of my appreciation, after all, I can’t let you help for nothing.”

Zhang Ermao hurriedly refused, “Master Ye, this is just a handful for me, and the purchase price of those items is also very cheap, I just came over to help you put on a show, how can I ask for your money?”

Ye Chen smiled blandly and said, “Zhang Ermao, take it if you give it to me, there is no need to be polite with me.”

Zhang Ermao blurted out, “Master Ye, if you really want to give it to me, then please help me donate it too!”

Ye Chen couldn’t help but be a little impressed with Zhang Ermao and laughed, “Zhang Ermao, think carefully, this isn’t two hundred dollars, it’s two million!”

Zhang Ermao said with certainty, “Yes Master Ye, I’ve thought it over, you’ve even donated two billion dollars, what’s this two million I’ve got?”

Seeing his firm attitude, Ye Chen nodded his head and said, “Good, I didn’t expect you, Zhang Ermao, to have this kind of consciousness.

Zhang Ermao said excitedly, “Then thank you so much Master Ye!”

Ye Chen remembered that Zhang Ermao’s bullsh*t just now, he did have some level, so he asked him, “Zhang Ermao, how much money can you make in a year by cheating in the antique street?”

Zhang Ermao said awkwardly, “To be honest with Master Ye, my income is very unstable, sometimes I can’t even open a single order a month, but sometimes, if I sell a big order, I don’t have to work again for a few months.”