Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4057

As soon as Andre heard this, how could he dare to question or hesitate?

He had witnessed what happened to Guo Lei the entire time, and what he couldn’t wait for right now was to be able to live.

So he hurriedly nodded and said, “Mr. Ye, I am willing to cooperate with …… and willing to work for the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall!”

Ye Chen nodded and spoke, “I’ll give you ten minutes, you and your men, make a list of all the members of the group and give it to me, remember, a list of all the members, no one is missing!”

Andre did not dare to disobey and hurriedly gathered several of his leaders and began to make a list of the group’s members.

Ten minutes later, a large list of eight hundred and seventy people was made out.

After Ye Chen read the list, he said to Andre, “From now on, contact the group members who are not present on the list and tell them to come to the pier as soon as possible, and if there are people who cannot be contacted for the time being, mark them after their names.”

Andre did not dare to say much and hurriedly led a group of leaders under the supervision of the soldiers of Wan Long Temple and began to call and send messages to their respective juniors, urging them to come to the pier as soon as possible.

At this time, Ye Chen called for Wan Bajun and instructed, “Bajun, send some men and horses to find out where those people they can’t contact live, and kidnap all of them and bring them to me before dawn!”

Wan Bajun immediately said respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Ye, I’ll go do it now!”

Earlier, Ye Chen had given Wan Bajun three tasks.

The first task was to protect Li Xiaofen’s safety, and at the same time, to eliminate those who intended to do harm to Li Xiaofen.

This task had been completed by Wan Bajun himself.

the second task, was to make preparations on the cargo ship to bring Andre, Guo Lei and all their men under control.

This task was still completed by Wan Bajun himself with the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

As for the third task, all the members of the Italian organisation had to be put in place, all 800 people had to be present and no one was to be left behind.

Wan Bajun immediately asked his men to take half of his men and escort a group of Italian group members to search for those who could not be contacted at the moment, according to the list.

After giving the order, Wan Bajun said to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, this group of Italian syndicate members kidnapped a total of five girls, two of them were found in the car, and three were found on a small cargo ship at the pier.

Ye Chen asked, “What is the state of the five girls now?”

“Comatose.” Wan Bajun explained, “We caught a few key people and tortured them, according to their explanation, these girls were injected with a large amount of narcotic sedative drugs and will not wake up before noon tomorrow.”

Ye Chen asked again, “What about their original plan?”

Wan Bajun busily said, “Their original plan was to capture Miss Li and then send these six girls together to the high seas, and their superiors would go to the high seas to pick these girls up.”

Ye Chen asked again, “Who is their superior?”

Wan Bajun explained, “They are not sure exactly who the superior is, the identity of the superior is completely confidential to them, they just send the people to the superior, who will take them to other countries to sell them, and then the superior will pay them the sales amount after the share, and the superior payment is also using cryptocurrency, no clues to the identity can be found at all. ”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: “It still seems to be an organization with a very complicated structure and a very large scale.”

“Right.” Wan Xiaojun nodded and spoke, “It is said that this is a very large grey industrial chain in Europe and America.”

Ye Chen frowned slightly and added: “Just this one gang, the Italian Group, kidnapped five or six girls, if this is several gangs together and each gang provides five or six girls, then this is at least twenty to thirty people, so many people missing at once, they are too blatant, right? Aren’t they afraid that the Vancouver police will investigate?”