Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4056

Afterwards, Claudia and Li Xiaofen, escorted by several female soldiers, left the cargo warehouse.

The charred Guo Lei still stood in the middle of the cargo silo, his body still emitting a trace of smoke, and the cargo silo, which could hold 10,000 tons of cargo, was, at this moment, also filled with a burnt smell.

The members of the Italian group, including Andrea, looked at Guo Lei’s remains and were all horrified and terrified.

Seeing Guo Lei’s tragic death with their own eyes had an extremely powerful deterrent effect on them.

Andre was even so terrified that he almost had a heart attack.

Because, he was afraid that Ye Chen would use the same method against him later on.

And the more he feared, the more he became afraid.

At this time, Ye Chen pointed at Andrei who was crouched in the first row and said indifferently, “Broken Army, bring that guy over.”

“Good.” Without thinking, Wan Bajun lifted Andre with one hand and brought him directly in front of Ye Chen.

At this moment, Andre was even more frightened, trembling violently one after another.

Ye Chen looked at him and said indifferently, “Come, Andrei, we’ve finished talking about Guo Lei, now it’s time to talk about you.”

Andrei said in horror, “Ye …… Mr. Ye …… I didn’t do anything wrong to you other than screwing your money in the casino ……”

Ye Chen asked him rhetorically, “What, the kidnapping of my sister was done by Guo Lei alone? The money that was earned, Guo Lei earned it alone?”

Andre stammered, “This …… was mainly Guo Lei’s idea, he led the specific things to do, I never participated ……”

Ye Chen patted his shoulder and smiled faintly, “All right, you don’t have to be so afraid, as long as you cooperate obediently, people, today only kill Guo Lei one, as for you and the others, I just said that I will give you a chance to work for the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, definitely will not go back on my word.”

Saying that, Ye Chen looked at Andre and said seriously, “Now I will give you a task, gather all the members of this Italian group of yours to me, say that there is something important to announce to them, remember, it is every one of them must be present.”

Andrei panicked in his heart and blurted out, “Mr. Ye …… you don’t …… think you want to wipe out our entire group ……”

Ye Chen said with a sincere face, “Since I have said that I want you to join and serve the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in the future, I will naturally not go back on my word, as long as you do as you are told, I promise on my character that I will never kill you; as long as your men are good and cooperative, I will never kill any of them either.”

With a slight beat, Ye Chen added, “You also don’t need to worry about me going back on my word, if I go back on my word and go back on my word in front of all the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall because of this bunch of rubbish like you, how am I going to convince the public in the future with these tens of thousands of people in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?”

When Andre heard this, he was slightly relieved.

Right now, he was not sure whether joining the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall would be good or bad, but at least one thing could be guaranteed, that is, if he joined the Hall, he would be able to survive.

After seeing Guo Lei being burnt to black, what was more important than staying alive?

However, Ye Chen’s face darkened at this time and he said in a cold voice, “But remember, this is the only chance I’m giving you, if you refuse to cooperate, then your fate will be the same as Guo Lei’s, I’ll give you ten seconds to think about it.”