Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3853

The boss of theirs that Ye Chen was referring to was Bernard Elnor, who had just taken the brand into his pocket.

This godfather of luxury goods was now the owner of more than half of the world’s luxury brands and was worth more than a trillion RMB.

Interestingly, this old man had just arrived in Jinling today as well, and it was he who had spent a fortune to take down the presidential suite at Buckingham Palace.

However, how could Sales have imagined that their boss, as Ye Chen said, would be the biggest bigwig above their brand.

He thought that the boss Ye Chen was talking about was their shop manager.

As soon as he heard Ye Chen’s words, he guessed that Ye Chen must be bluffing. Before, there were many people who came to the shop to buy things and said that they knew their shop manager or their regional manager at every turn, in order to allocate less goods, but the vast majority of people who said such things were liars.

So, he said with a bit of disdain: “Sorry, our shop manager said a long time ago that it is no good for anyone to mention his name unless he comes out to receive you personally.

After hearing this, Ye Chen was dumbfounded and laughed.

It seemed that this low segment people, even if they dressed up as human beings, could still only hang around in the low segment.

This salesman actually thought that the “boss” he was talking about was their shop manager, so it was clear that this person had a pathetically small frame of mind.

So Ye Chen waved his hand and said with a smile, “No need, no need, I am not talking about your shop manager.”

Saying that, Ye Chen didn’t bother to say more, so he waved his hand and casually said, “Come on, first match me with one million goods, pick up the batch that you can’t sell in your shop and match it for me!”

As soon as the salesman heard Ye Chen say that he wanted to match one million goods, he was stunned and subconsciously asked, “Sir, you’re not deliberately making fun of me, are you?”

In fact, the quoted price for this bag’s allotment was just around two hundred thousand.

As long as one didn’t encounter a particularly pitiful sale, even a raw customer who had never bought anything in this shop before could get one as long as it could be matched for two hundred thousand.

But the moment Ye Chen came up and said he wanted to match a million, this was indeed too much beyond the quoted price by far.

In other words, even if this gang of sales wanted to screw people, they wouldn’t dare to screw them up to such a high amount.

Seeing that he was dumbfounded, Ye Chen said with a smile, “I don’t have that spare time to bring my wife and come here to make fun of you, I can allocate enough goods for one million, but I only have one request, you take out the bag I want and settle it together with the one million goods.”

The salesman was immediately a little excited and said in a hurry, “Then wait a moment, I’ll go and prepare!”

After saying that, he waved his orchid fingers and ran excitedly into the back of the warehouse.

Xiao Churan spoke up at this time: “Husband, you’re crazy, buying a bag that costs over a hundred thousand dollars with a million dollars of goods …… This …… This is a bit too expensive ……”

Ye Chen smiled mysteriously and spoke, “Honey, I’m not crazy, I just want to take advantage of this good opportunity to make money, don’t worry, every penny I spend on matching goods today is an investment, I’ll be able to make it all back with interest by tonight.”

Xiao Churan was puzzled, confused as to what exactly Ye Chen meant when he said that he could make it all back with interest.

However, she knew Ye Chen’s routine very well, and since Ye Chen had said so, it must not be an empty talk.

So, she couldn’t help but ask Ye Chen, “Honey, do you think that sales, that wouldn’t be deliberately screwing us over in this matter, right?”

Ye Chen skimmed his lips and laughed: “A big old man, girlish is not to mention, and his English name is Vivian, how bold do you think this kind of goods can be?”