Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4435

Originally, Ye Chen had planned to let Uncle Zhong continue to live in Chinatown in peace and quiet first, and then he would take the time to go to Hong Kong Island in the future to settle his affairs.

However, since that Liu Sheng was so indolent and took the initiative to cause some trouble, he could only go to Hong Kong Island to meet him first.

Hong Kong Island was a long way from the United States, and an ordinary plane would take at least ten hours each way, plus it would take time to deal with the matter, so Ye Chen estimated that he would have to leave the United States for at least three to five days or even longer.

The person he was most at ease with was Xiao Churan.

Although he had long arranged for the female generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to secretly protect him, he was still worried about leaving Xiao Churan alone in the United States to study and live.

At the moment, Xiao Changkun was still in Korea for cultural exchanges, so the only person who could really come to the US to accompany Xiao Churan for a few days was his mother-in-law, Ma Lan.

However, if he directly told Xiao Churan that he was going to Hong Kong Island and then needed to invite his mother-in-law over to accompany her, Ye Chen felt that it was somewhat stiff.

But if he went to discuss it with Xiao Churan, then Xiao Churan might not necessarily toss his mother-in-law over, there would only be two options, one was to persuade himself not to go to Hong Kong Island; the other was to tell himself to go to Hong Kong Island without worrying, she would have no problem alone.

Moreover, Ye Chen estimated that Ma Lan did not want to come to the United States now.

She was alone in Jinling, with a luxury car and a mansion, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in pocket money, she must be having a great time, and if she was really allowed to come to America, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be happy about it.

So, Ye Chen began to calculate in his mind that he could first find some excuse to get his mother-in-law, Ma Lan, to come over, and then take the opportunity to tell Xiao Churan that he had a client in Hong Kong Island, and it so happened that Ma Lan was also coming, so he would first go to Hong Kong Island for a few days and let Ma Lan stay here with her.

As for how to get Ma Lan over from China, Ye Chen was not worried at all, he knew Ma Lan too well and only needed to make a slight trick to trap Ma Lan.

So, he immediately called Song Wanting and said, “Wanting, I need your help with something.”

Without thinking, Song Wanting said, “Master Ye, whatever you need, just give me an order.”

Ye Chen was not polite, so he told Song Wanting about his plan.

After listening, Song Wanting immediately said, “Don’t worry, Master Ye, I will definitely complete the task.”



On the other side of the world, in China, it was mid-morning.

Ma Lan was lying on the luxurious king-size bed in the Thomson Villa and slept until after ten o’clock.

Ever since Ye Chen and Xiao Churan had left for the United States and Xiao Changkun had left for Korea, Ma Lan had been tantamount to letting herself go.

She was living in a big mansion in Townsend, driving a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, and had half a million dollars in her bank card from Ye Chen, so her days were simply too good.

At this time, Ma Lan had not yet woken up when her mobile phone buzzed incessantly.

She picked up the phone sleepily and asked, “Who is it? Are you tired of calling early in the morning?”

On the other end of the line, Qian Hongyan’s flattering voice came through, “Sister Lan, it’s me, Qian Hongyan! It’s already this time and you’re still up?”

Ever since Qian Hongyan came back, she had been treating Ma Lan as a big family member, and recently, she had been coming to her every day, not only kissing Ma Lan’s a*s, but also following her around like a little follower, carrying her bag when she went out, opening the door when she got into the car, and even when Ma Lan went to the toilet, she would take an extra copy of toilet paper and keep watch at the door, afraid that there wouldn’t be enough paper for Ma Lan inside.