Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4447

Regarding the matter of going to America, although Ma Lan had already decided in her own mind, she did not know how to talk to Ye Chen and Xiao Churan for a while.

Of course, she did not dare to say that she had already spent all her money and now had no money to live on, and that she had won a big prize of a free flight to America, so she flew over to join her daughter and son-in-law.

So, she made up her mind to first approach her daughter Xiao Churan to sell her misery.

However, as it was already 2am in the United States, Ma Lan hesitated for a moment and decided to wait until the evening in China and the morning in the United States to talk to Xiao Churan by video.

At the same time, Ye Chen, who was in the United States, made sure that Xiao Churan was asleep and then sent some aura into Xiao Churan’s brain to ensure that she could sleep more soundly before getting up and dressing and leaving the Buckingham Palace Hotel.

He had to go and meet the man whose arms and legs he had cut off.

To find out what the other man really was.

In front of the hotel late at night, a low-profile black Cadillac, had been waiting for a long time.

Wan Bajun was sitting alone in the driver’s seat, and when he saw Ye Chen coming out, he was ready to push the door and get out to open the door for Ye Chen.

Ye Chen waved his hand at him, accelerated himself by two steps, pulled open the pa*senger door and got in directly.

As soon as he got into the car, Ye Chen asked, “How is the situation with that guy?”

Wan Bajun respectfully replied, “Back to Mr. Ye, that man has been safely controlled, with special people keeping an eye on him at all times, and to ensure absolute safety, I had all his teeth pulled out, he has no arms or legs, so it’s impossible for him to commit suicide.”

“Good.” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction and asked again, “Did you find anything when you disposed of those bandits’ bodies?”

“Yes.” Wan Bajun said, “We have probably checked it out and there are a few points to report to you.”

First of all, their weapons and equipment were very advanced, and the cost of their individual equipment was several times more expensive than that of the American Special Forces. The amount of gunpowder in the bullets has been specially increased, raising the power of the bullets to another level.”

“With a bullet of this power, it’s already remarkable that an eight-star martial artist can carry dozens of rounds, a normal person, even one at the level of boxing champion Tyson or Boulder Johnson, would definitely be killed in one shot.”

Speaking of this, Wan Bajun continued, “Secondly, although these people are not martial artists, they seem to have been physically enhanced in some way, other than that, their physical strength is very strong, definitely not human!”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “How did you find out that their physical strength was very strong? When I faced them, I didn’t find that they had any cultivation level, nor did I find anything special about them.”

The recoil is comparable to that of a large-calibre sniper rifle. Under such circumstances, even a well-trained special forces soldier would have to lie on the ground when firing and use his shoulder to hold the butt of the gun against that recoil. If you stand up and hold the gun, it’s usually impossible to hold the muzzle down, one shot can make your arms go numb, and it’s even more impossible to hold the gun and fire in bursts, and the fact that they can stand and fire the entire clip quickly proves that they have extraordinary physical strength.”

“Moreover, my people’s feedback said that their skin, flesh and bones, are much stronger than the average person, even more so than martial arts masters, because their meridians are not opened up, so they all rely on the strength of their skin and bones to enhance their combat power.”

Saying that, Wan Breaking Jun added, “I suspect that they should have other ways to increase the physical quality of these bandits drastically, after all, continuous firing of this intensity would be difficult enough for a three-star martial artist to hold steady, and for them to be able to quickly fire a full clip and still have their faces unchanged, their strength is at least above a four-star martial artist.”