Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4325

The policeman’s words caused everyone, including Li Yalin, to involuntarily tighten their hearts.

Li Yalin couldn’t help but urge, “What’s the big deal, tell me clearly!”

The policeman said with a frightened expression, “It’s a video! Someone has exposed a large number of videos on the internet, and the content of those videos …… is really tragic …… the internet has completely exploded!”

Li Yalin questioned offhandedly, “What exactly is the content of the videos about!?”

The policeman swallowed and said with a dry mouth, “It’s all related to Fei Hao Yang …… It’s all about him abusing and killing various girls …… Although the victims’ faces have been blurred, it’s still possible to other identity traits, it was determined that the victims were at least 20 or more ……”

“What?!” Li Yalin’s jaw dropped as he listened.

The fact that Fei Hao Yang had been exposed to a huge scandal was something he had already prepared for, but he really didn’t think that the scandal would be this big!

At this time, his men handed him a mobile phone and spoke, “Inspector Li, take a look for yourself ……”

Li Yalin took the phone and casually clicked on one of them, after just a few seconds of looking at it, his face immediately turned iron blue and muttered under his breath, “This is really an unprecedented and shocking case ……”

He immediately followed up, “Have you investigated who the publisher actually is?”

“Checked.” The policeman replied, “We had someone check their IP address and found …… found ……”

Seeing the policeman stammering, Li Yalin instantly shouted angrily, “Speak quickly!”

The policeman could only say stiffly, “Back to Inspector Li, the IP address we found is here.”

Li Yalin frowned and asked, “What do you mean? Is the other party right here in New York?”

“No……” The policeman shook his head, reached out and pulled Li Yalin aside and lowered his voice, “Detective Li, the other party is in the Fei family!”

“How is it possible …… “Li Yalin stared at him with wide eyes and likewise lowered his voice: “These videos must have been sent by the kidnappers, these kidnappers are extremely shrewd, all the clues are extremely well disguised, how could they deliberately leave such a big loophole ……”

Li Yalin did not know that at this time, all the bodyguards of the Fei family had been replaced with generals of the Vanguard Dragon Temple, and the generals of the Vanguard Dragon Temple, under Ye Chen’s instructions, did not even bother to use any hacking methods, and directly finished uploading and publishing the videos in the Fei family, using the Fei family’s network.

And the policeman also nodded and agreed, “I also think they deliberately used technical means to change their IP address to the Fei family.”

Li Yalin couldn’t help but say with some annoyance, “What era is it now, there are still people who want to abuse lynching and engage in some kind of scapegoating, since they have the evidence, why don’t they just submit it to the police?!”

The policeman said incomparably embarra*sed, “Chief …… we are both Chinese, frankly speaking, do you really believe in what Bai Zuo is pushing? The video shows Fei Hao Yang’s actions, if handed over to the police, he will definitely not die, this kind of person, how can we not die in order to civilian anger?”

Li Yalin was speechless at once.

He just felt that what the mystery man had done behind the scenes had caused him, a Chinese detective, to suffer a great blow to his face.

But when he calmed down and analysed the matter, he also felt that the scum of the earth like Fei Hao Yang should be completely exterminated by the most primitive means, otherwise, with his financial power, he could live like a dirt emperor in prison.

However, when he thought of such a big case popping up under his hands just before he retired, his whole body felt very frustrated.