Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3896

At this moment, Ye Zhongquan was incomparably excited, and his voice was somewhat incoherent as he spoke: “Chen …… Chen’er …… You …… Are you really going to give grandfather half a Spring Return Pill?”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and nodded, “Can I still joke with you about such things? Don’t worry, this half rejuvenation pill will be arranged for you at the auction site tonight, when the time comes, Miss Song, the organizer, will thank you in public for your support of the auction and then present you with half a rejuvenation pill on the spot, and all you have to do is just take that half rejuvenation pill in front of everyone.”

Ye Zhongquan did not expect that he would be able to get what he wanted at the auction tonight, so he could not help but feel wildly happy inside, and his whole body was thrilled to the point of trembling, and he said with immense excitement, “Chen’er, don’t worry, I will do everything you tell me at that time!”

Ye Chen nodded and said to Ye Zhongquan, “Then grandpa, you can rest for a while longer, when it’s time for the VIPs to enter, a staff member will come to inform you.”

Ye Zhongquan hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, Chen’er, you must still have a lot of important things to do right now, so you can go ahead and go about your business without worrying about me!”

“Good.” Ye Chen then said, “Then I will leave first.”

Without thinking, Ye Zhongquan said, “I’ll see you out!”

Ye Chen went out of Ye Zhongquan’s room and turned back and said, “Grandpa, please stay.”


In fact, Ye Chen did not have deep feelings for Ye Zhongquan, and he even felt for a while that he had nothing to do with his parents leaving Yanjing back then.

However, Ye Chen was not an ungrateful person, after all, it was the old man who had invited Lai Qinghua to go to Yanjing to rebuild Ye Lingshan, and this was the only way to break Ye Chen’s predicament of having a dragon trapped in the shallows.

Moreover, it was also the old master who had asked Tang Sihai to give himself 10 billion and the Dihao Group, which was a favour that Ye Chen would naturally not forget.

What’s more, when he was at Ye Lingshan, he took the family headship directly from the old master’s hand, and the old master willingly gave up the position without showing any dissatisfaction, this incident also made Ye Chen’s impression of the old master a few senses.

Ye Chen was also well aware of the old man’s desire for the Spring Return Pill, so promising him half a Spring Return Pill this time was a way to give him an explanation.

Leaving his grandfather’s room, Ye Chen headed to the central control room. Dozens of high-definition surveillance cameras had been installed at the auction site this time, providing all-round and dead-angle monitoring of the entire auction venue.

Ye Chen was not going to show up at the auction tonight, he was going to join Chen Zekai in the central control room to remotely control the entire auction.

At this moment, in the central control room, apart from Chen Zekai himself, Chen Zhonglei, one of the Four Battle Kings of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, was also here to remotely command all his men.

Seeing Ye Chen enter, both of them stood up very respectfully.

Chen Zekai said respectfully, “You’re here, Young Master.”

Chen Zhonglei wanted to greet Ye Chen, but remembering the process of his consciousness being sealed inside his body in the first place, he unconsciously felt some fear in his heart, so he could only bow slightly like a quail at Ye Chen and said very nervously, “Ye …… Hello Mr. Ye!”

Ye Chen nodded and opened his mouth to ask, “How is the situation?”

Chen Zekai pointed to the one in the middle of the nine large screens at the front and said to Ye Chen, “Young master, the two hundred people attending the conference as well as the ten people on the waiting list have basically all entered the venue one after another through security checks, and they will all finish entering soon, and then the VIPs will be invited to enter.”

Ye Chen nodded slightly and asked, “Did you encounter any problems during the security check?”

“No.” Chen Zekai said with a smile, “These people are all very obedient, they have almost nothing on them except their clothes, and they would hate to let out a fart so that they can pa*s the security check.” “All the people who have pa*sed the security check have pa*sed without any abnormalities.”