Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3897

“That’s good.” Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction, and then asked Chen Zhonglei: “Nothing unusual was found around the scene today, right?”

Chen Zhonglei hurriedly shook his head and said seriously, “Mr. Ye, I have arranged for my capable men to install many hidden cameras as well as thermal imaging systems and life monitoring systems around the hotel, using the most sophisticated international equipment, and there are also many soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace hiding in the shadows, so that no suspicious person will be allowed to enter Buckingham Palace. ”

“Good.” Ye Chen said with a smile, “With the brethren from the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple sitting in, I am completely at ease with this piece of security.”

Chen Zhonglei said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, my subordinates will do their best to ensure that the security of the auction is flawless!”

Ye Chen nodded approvingly, and at that moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang.

The caller was the fourth VIP of the evening, Fei Ke Xin.

As soon as the call came through, Fei Ke Xin said, “Mr. Ye, I am now at the entrance of Buckingham Palace, but the security personnel won’t let me get close, so I can only stand on the opposite side of the road.”

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Miss Zhan wait for a moment, I’ll go over to pick you up.”

Fei Ke Xin said politely, “Then it will be hard for Mr Ye!”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Chen arrived at the entrance of Buckingham Palace.

Sure enough, on the opposite side of the road from the main entrance, he saw a stunning and enchanting Fei Kexin in a black dress standing on the roadside.

When Fei Ke Xin saw Ye Chen, she hurriedly trotted over from across the road, and one of the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace beside Ye Chen immediately spoke up and said, “This lady, I have already warned you, our hotel is currently closed to the public, so please do not approach.”

Ye Chen said to him at this time with an indifferent face, “It’s alright, Miss Zhan is here to see me.”

That man was a five-star war general of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, and the head of the security team of the main gate, who had once seen Ye Chen’s terrifying strength on Ye Ling Mountain, hearing Ye Chen’s words, he immediately bowed respectfully and said, “Sorry Mr. Ye, my subordinate did not know that this lady was your friend, please do not blame ……”

Ye Chen waved his hand and smiled, “You are just doing your job, no offense, naturally there is no need to make amends with me.”

The man hurriedly said, “Thank you Mr. Ye for being considerate!”

At this moment, Fei Ke Xin could not help but be surprised in her heart, she did not expect that this man would refer to himself as a subordinate in front of Ye Chen, and her heart became a little more curious about Ye Chen’s identity.

A moment later, she came to stand in front of Ye Chen and said with a polite smile, “Sorry Mr. Ye, I have to trouble you to come out to pick me up.”

Ye Chen smiled lightly and said, “It’s just a hand up, Miss Zhan doesn’t need to be polite.”

After saying that, Ye Chen made an invitation gesture and said to her, “Miss Zhan, please come in!”

“Good!” Fei Ke Xin nodded and followed Ye Chen into the Buckingham Palace Hotel, as she walked, she asked Ye Chen in mock surprise, “Mr. Ye, what is the great treasure in today’s auction that there are so many security personnel, I’ve never seen this kind of formation before!”

Ye Chen didn’t cover up and said casually, “The grand finale of tonight’s auction is an elixir called the Spring Return Pill, which can not only cure a hundred diseases, but can also turn back time and make a person twenty years younger!”

Fei Pity pretended to be very surprised and asked, “In this world, is there really such a miraculous elixir?!”

Ye Chen smiled playfully and said, “It just so happens that there is a special rule for the auction tonight, those who have won the Spring Return Pill will have to take it on the spot, and then you will be able to see the miraculousness of this pill with your own eyes.”