Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3707

After thinking about it, Ye Chen thought that it might be because that requirement he had set that the Spring Return Pill must be taken on site was somewhat unacceptable to the Empress.

If the Queen was really interested in the Spring Return Pill, then her only option would be to come to the auction herself.

There were two hundred places in the auction, and each successful registration could bring one companion, which meant that there would be four hundred people at the auction site that day.

Moreover, these four hundred people were undoubtedly all wealthy and aristocratic people from all over the world, and it would indeed be a little awkward for the Queen to make an appearance at such an occasion.

After all, the Queen of Britain has not yet abdicated and is the nominal monarch of Britain and of several Marsh countries.

If such a famous ruler of a country were to come to Jinling to attend the auction in person, if word got out, it would indeed have some impact on her own reputation as well as that of the entire British royal family.

After reading the list, Ye Chen was a little disappointed that he did not see anyone from the Rothschild family on the list, nor did he see anyone related to his mother An Chengqin’s mother’s family, nor did the royal family of the Middle East Saudi Kingdom appear.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart, could it be that these three top families in the world didn’t need to suffer for longevity anymore?

Otherwise, why didn’t they come to this unprecedented auction?

Or perhaps they were still waiting in the dark for the time being, wanting to see how this auction would go before making a decision in the future?

While Ye Chen was wondering, Song Wanting called him and reported, “Master Ye, since the news of the auction was released, the Song Group has received many calls and emails, and many people have expressed their willingness to buy a Spring Return Pill privately for more than ten billion RMB, including the royal family of Britain and an American group, the Fei Group, who chairman said that he was willing to pay five billion US dollars immediately to beg for a Spring Return Pill, the highest offer among all.”

Ye Chen let out a light laugh and spoke, “Reply to them uniformly, and say that this time the Spring Return Pill is being auctioned, Ji Qing Tang is also commissioned by the mysterious owner of the goods, tell them that there will only be a total of two Spring Return Pills in this auction, and at that time, it will be auctioned as four quarter pills, as well as one whole pill, and not one more of the others will be sold, not to mention five billion dollars, even if it is fifty billion dollars. No matter who wants these two Spring Return Pills, they must personally come to Jinling to attend the auction!”

Speaking of this, Ye Chen added, “By the way, you should also announce to the public that anyone who bids for the Spring Return Pills will only be allowed to bid successfully once, which means that if he bids for a quarter of the pills first, then he will not be eligible to participate in the Spring Return Pills that follow.”

Song Wanting said respectfully, “Alright Master Ye, then I’ll have someone reply one by one.”

Saying that, Song Wanting added: “Master Ye, there is one more thing, many people have inquired in the registration system whether they can bring their entourage on the day of the auction, we don’t have a clear rule on this yet, how do you think we can reply?”

Ye Chen thought about it and said indifferently, “Since you want to bring, each person who has successfully registered can only bring at most one attendant.”

“Okay.” Song Wanting busily said, “Then I’ll send them an announcement on the registration platform as well.”

Ye Chen remembered something and immediately instructed, “Right, tell them that although everyone can bring an entourage, if they are bidding for the Spring Return Pill, after the bid is successful, it may not be taken by the entourage, but only by the person who signed up.”

Ye Chen was worried that some people who did not want to reveal their identities would borrow the loophole of an entourage to mix in and then instruct others to bid for the Spring Return Pill and take it themselves.

Therefore, any such loopholes had to be closed in advance, never giving them any chance to exploit the loopholes.

Song Wanting said respectfully on the other end of the phone, “Okay Master Ye, I will explain it clearly to them.”

Ye Chen gave a hmph and added: “Our registration window will be open for a total of 48 hours, after that time, registration will be stopped, and within 48 hours after registration is stopped, the final shortlist will be announced!”