Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4276

The old lady at the side also hurriedly said, “Qishan, do you still remember what I told you before? Chengqing told me at that time that Chang Ying had a particularly good brother who had a daughter who was a little younger than Chen’er, and the two families had arranged a baby marriage for the child.”

An Qishan nodded: “I remember …… I remember ……”

He said, with a puzzled look on his face, “But …… but Chen’er is only eight years old this year …… he …… how could he have such an old fiancée ……”

When the crowd heard this, their expressions instantly got sad again.

Originally, everyone thought that the old man had the help of the divine elixir, and perhaps the previous Alzheimer’s disease was also cured by the divine elixir all together.

However, once they heard him say that Chen’er was only eight years old, they immediately realised that his memory was still stuck in the time when his eldest daughter An Chengqi had an accident.

So An Chongqiu choked out, “Dad, don’t you realise that Mum and us are both getting old?”

Only then did An Qishan understand and said in a panic, “What’s wrong with you …… guys? Hui Yin, Chong Qiu, Kai Feng …… how come you have all aged so much?”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but look at An Zhaonan and An Youyou and said with trepidation, “They …… both of them are ……”

An Chongqiu held back his tears, pulled An Zhaonan and An Youyou to him, and introduced them, “Dad! This is Zhaonan, this is Youyou, they have also both grown up …… not the teenage and twenty year old lads and little girls they used to be!”

An Qishan was full of doubts and muttered, “This …… is what’s going on ……”

An Chongqiu was busy saying, “Dad! It’s not 20 years ago anymore …… my sister and my brother-in-law, they’ve also been gone for 20 years …… Chen’er has also been missing for 20 years ……”

An Qishan asked with an incredulous look on his face, “What did you say?! You’re saying that Chengqi has been gone for twenty years?!”

“Yes ……” An Chongqiu pointed to his face, “Dad, I’m fifty years old this year ……”

An Qishan froze for a moment, then burst into a rage and shouted angrily, “A bunch of trash! Twenty years have pa*sed and you haven’t even gotten Chen’er back? How can I meet Chengqi after I die? How can I explain to Chengqi?”

The crowd fell silent for a moment.

At a time like this, no one knew how to answer the old man’s question.

It was the old lady who spoke up in tears, “Qishan, all these years everyone has been looking for Chen’er, Chong Qiu is looking, Kai Feng is looking, Zhaonan and Yo Yo are also looking, even you have been looking, but you just never found Chen’er’s whereabouts ……”

An Qishan’s expression became painful as he hid his face and said, “I am to blame for all of this …… All of it is my fault!”

The old lady hastily stroked his hand and sobbed, “Qishan, you’ve been blaming yourself for twenty years, it’s hard to come back from the ghost gate, don’t torture yourself anymore, those things happened back then, it wasn’t all your fault ……”

An Qishan gently shook his head, then he suddenly remembered something, excitedly looked at Gu Qiuyi, while struggling to sit up, while off the cuff asked: “Little girl …… you …… you said you are Chen’er’s fiancee …… then you …… then have you found Chen’er?!”

Gu Qiuyi saw that the old man had just walked through the ghost gate, and at this time was extraordinarily concerned about Ye Chen’s whereabouts, so she really did not want to tell a lie to deceive him.

However, once she thought of Ye Chen’s explanation, she could only say helplessly, “I’m sorry Grandpa …… we haven’t found Ye Chen’s brother’s whereabouts yet.”

Hearing these words, the excitement in An Qishan’s eyes dimmed considerably.

He could not help but shed two lines of hot tears and choked, “I, as a grandfather, have not been able to find Chen’s whereabouts for so many years, but ended up at the ghost gate, but was saved by Chen’s fiancee …… ashamed …… ashamed ah ……”