Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4497

So, if we all work together, we can become rich overnight!

At this moment, the man in front of him leapt and kicked Ye Chen straight in the face!

According to his vision, this kick would definitely knock Ye Chen down, and as long as the rest of the men could rush up in time to kick him hard and not give him a chance to fight back, it would be enough to beat Ye Chen half to death.

Instead of retreating or dodging, Ye Chen suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed the leg that flew at him with both hands!

Immediately afterwards, he felt his entire body instantly stagnate in the air, and the inertia of his violent rush and leap disappeared without a trace in an instant, defying all common sense!

Just as he was frozen in mid-air, his whole body unsure of what to do, Ye Chen looked at him and laughed coldly, “Where did that dog come from, f*ck you!”

With that, Ye Chen swung his hands so hard that the man was directly swung out by Ye Chen like a half-moon scimitar!

The rest of the men only wanted to hurry up and put Ye Chen down and kick him hard, so they rushed forward and were about to attack, but they did not expect that the brother who had just taken the first step to fly out had turned himself into a weapon in Ye Chen’s hand.

The man was swung out in a half circle by Ye Chen, directly knocking the men who rushed up to him over and over, one by one, flying backwards from Ye Chen’s side and falling heavily to the ground, unable to move.

The tremendous force smashed each of them with multiple fractures, leaving them with no chance to get up and fight back.

The one who was swung out was even more miserable, the cost of one man swinging down was that he had multiple fractures on his own body in just an instant, and on the side that was swung out, his ribs were almost completely broken!

At this time, both Liu Manqiong behind Ye Chen and Zhong Zitao opposite Ye Chen were looking with their jaws dropped, as if this was all an illusion in front of them, they simply could not believe their eyes.

Zhong Zitao was dumbfounded.

Even in his wildest dreams, he had never thought that a dozen people would fight one person and not only did they have no chance of winning, but they only lasted two rounds in total.

At this time, Ye Chen looked at Zhong Zitao and waved at him, saying, “Come on Young Master Zhong, let’s have a chat.”

Zhong Zitao turned around in fear and was about to flee, but just two steps away, he felt a tightening of his neck and could no longer step on the ground under his feet.

Only when he turned his head again did he realise that Ye Chen had already caught up with him, grabbed the collar at his neck and lifted himself up.

He instantly said in terror, “Big brother …… Please spare my life, big brother! We have something to talk about, something to talk about, big brother!”

“Spare your life?” Ye Chen snorted coldly and raised his hand and slapped him fiercely across the face, causing his eyes to glaze over and even losing several back teeth.

Zhong Zitao was dizzy from the beating and cried out in a vague voice, “You dare to hit me …… You ……”

Before he finished his words, Ye Chen backhanded another slap over and asked in a cold voice, “What’s wrong with me hitting you? You’re not convinced?!”

Zhong Zitao was furious: “I am the young master of the Zhong family …… I am ……”

“Slap!” Ye Chen slammed another slap across his face and said coldly, “The young master of the Zhong family, right? It’s the Zhong Family Young Master I’m hitting!”

A few slaps pa*sed, and Zhong Zitao’s mouth full of teeth almost fell out.

His entire head was also beaten into a pig’s head, and his eyes swelled into slits.

He had never dreamed that Ye Chen would be so ruthless, completely disregarding his status.

Anger, aggression and resignation made him cry while letting out vicious words in a slurred voice: “You …… Just you wait …… My father …… And me …… Godfather …… They will definitely not …… definitely not let you go!”

Ye Chen said in a cold voice, “It’s alright, even if they don’t come to me, I’ll still go to them.”

After saying that, Ye Chen looked at him, smiled faintly, and opened his mouth to ask: “By the way, just now there seems to be a person who is quite wild, one moment he wants to do this, the next he wants to do that, is it you?”