Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3827

So, all this that Xiao Churan had said today had immediately given Ye Chen a great hope.

He felt that if he could find a way to get Fei Ke Xin’s grandfather to talk, then I was afraid that there was a real chance for this matter to come to light!

When he thought of this, he immediately made a decision in his mind that when Fei Jianzhong came to Jinling, he would force him to speak up, no matter what means he used! Even if it meant taking away his divine sense and giving him strong psychological hints, he must make him speak up and reveal all that he knew about the inside story!

At the same time, within Ye Chen’s heart, his anticipation for the Spring Return Pill Auction had surpa*sed everything else at the moment!

As for Fei Ke Xin, let her play the curve to save the country if she wanted to, Ye Chen no longer cared what she wanted to do now, the only thing he cared about was getting her grandfather Fei Jianzhong to come quickly!


A few days later.

After these few days of getting to know each other, Xiao Churan had become more and more familiar with Fei Kexin and Kelly West, and had even begun to nurture a real friendship.

At one point, Fei Ke Xin was so disgusted with herself for concealing her true identity and using Xiao Churan that she even wanted to confess to Xiao Churan as soon as the auction was over and her grandfather got the Spring Return Pill.

Of course, she knew very well in her heart that even if she confessed, she could not sell Ye Chen, otherwise she would really have offended him to death.

At the same time, the day of the Spring Return Pill auction was gradually drawing near.

Buckingham Palace, too, had finally reached the point in time when all the tenants had to check out.

At 12:00 noon today, all guests must check out, after which, Buckingham Palace will be officially closed for management and will no longer be open to the public.

During this time, Buckingham Palace will be fully prepared for the Spring Return Pill Auction.

At this point in time, Richard Chen became more and more nervous.

The pressure on him as the head of security at Buckingham Palace is even heavier than that of Tarzan, because the tycoons who are coming to the auction this time are worth more than a few trillion dollars.

This is because, if these tycoons come and go in a low-profile manner, Buckingham Palace will naturally have successfully completed the task explained by Ye Chen.

But if anything happened to one of these tycoons at Buckingham Palace, it would be the reputation of the entire Ye family that would be affected.

Fortunately, Wan Breaking Army had sent a number of experts from Wan Long Palace from overseas, led by Chen Zhong Lei himself, to take charge of the security of the entire auction, which only made Chen Zekai breathe a sigh of relief.

After the security work was basically a*sured, Chen Zekai began to work intensively to catch up with the service preparations.

The hotel rooms were cleaned and tidied up, the mattresses, carpets and bedding were replaced, and any faulty furniture and appliances were not repaired but simply replaced.

Everything was done to make the auction impeccable.

As the exact location of the auction has not yet been revealed to the public, when the tycoons arrived in Jinling on the reporting day, Buckingham Palace had to send a convoy to take them from the airport to the hotel one by one.

Since there were more people coming, Richard Chen asked Ye Chen for instructions: “Young master, I plan to deploy forty Rolls-Royce Phantoms from all over the country, and form five courtesy convoys in groups of eight, which will be responsible for the transportation of all the guests attending the auction. What do you think?”

Ye Chen nodded and said indifferently, “There should definitely be a fleet of cars, and five of them should be enough for a round trip.”

At this point, Ye Chen turned his words and added, “But the Rolls Royce Phantom is not necessary, let’s replace it with something else.”

Chen Zekai was busy asking, “What do you suggest, young master?”

Ye Chen said lightly, “This time, most of the people coming here are foreign friends, and as the host, we must use our own proud national products, so let’s use all red flags!”