Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3697

Wan Bajun did not expect such a high level of enthusiasm from netizens around the world, and seeing how fast the emails were coming in, he immediately gathered a team of dozens of people to help him review them quickly.

In addition to the tens of thousands of thank you letters, they sifted through dozens of emails, sent from shipping companies around the world.

After identifying themselves, these shipping companies all wanted to enquire about the details of the Dragon Palace escort, especially the cost and the mode of cooperation.

Wan Bajun had the contact details of these shipping companies counted out and also had someone write back to them, informing them that Wan Long Temple would soon launch the price and model details of the escort service, and that all shipping companies would be notified at the first opportunity.

An hour after the announcement was made, Dragon Palace had already received hundreds of thousands of thank you emails.

Among them was an email from a person claiming to be the leader of the “Puntland Guard” to the Hall of Dragons.

In the email, the leader of the Puntland Guard expressed his full respect for the Temple of the Dragon and hoped to have the opportunity to meet with the Temple of the Dragon on behalf of all the pirate organisations in the Gulf of Aden.

Wan Bajun replied with the coordinates of a small uninhabited island in southern Oman and a time of 6pm that day.

The other party immediately understood and wrote back again, indicating that he would arrive at the specified location on time.

A five-star general was then dispatched from the temporary base in Oman to the uninhabited island by helicopter, with a few armed men.

When the leader of the Puntland Guard arrived on the uninhabited island by speedboat, several armed soldiers from the Dragon Palace were already waiting.

After thoroughly checking that the other party was not carrying any recording devices, they led him to the depths of the uninhabited island and met the five-star warlord of the Dragon Palace.

As soon as they met, the leader of the Ponteland Guard said very respectfully, “Hello sir, my name is Sheikh, I am the head of the Ponteland Guard ……”

The five-star war general of the All Dragon Palace said with a blank face, “I don’t care who you are, I just want to know, as a pirate, you dare to take the initiative to ask us to meet, what is your ulterior motive?”

Sheikh hurriedly said, “The reputation of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons is well known, I and the chiefs of other organisations have always had great respect for the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, and we also welcome the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons to the Gulf of Aden. …”

The five-star warlord said coldly, “We, the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, will not cooperate with pirate organisations like yours in any way! You are not worthy of it!”

Sheikh’s heart instantly went cold when he heard those words.

If this was the attitude of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, then it was really going to push them to the brink of extinction.

Just at this time, the five-star warlord added, “But what I can tell you is that our Ten Thousand Dragons Temple has a lot of business, the number of ships coming and going in the Gulf of Aden is huge, and the need for escorting them is also very great, so we can only carry a maximum of fifty to sixty percent of them, as long as you people don’t make enemies with my Ten Thousand Dragons Temple from now on, we can let you off the hook! ”

When Xie He heard this, his heart that had been plucked cold instantly boiled up again!

He looked at the five-star war general and asked with unbridled excitement, “Is what Your Excellency said true? As long as we don’t make an enemy of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, can Your Excellency as well as the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall really let us off the hook?!”

The five-star war general asked him in return, “Do you think I have to joke with you?!”

Sheikh hurriedly accompanied him with a smile, “I don’t mean that …… I believe that Your Excellency as well as the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall are all about keeping their word and saying what they mean!”

As he said that, he remembered a very crucial question and hurriedly said, “I wonder if your Excellency can inform us of the information of the ships escorted by the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in the future, so that we can also make a distinction and avoid any misunderstanding ……”

The five-star warlord said with a disgusted face, “Do you think that our hall, the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, will maintain some kind of communication and contact with you pirates?”

“Yes, yes, yes ……” Xie He hurriedly said, “Ten Thousand Dragons Hall is a top mercenary organization, of course they don’t care to be in the company of us pirates …… ”

After saying that, he said awkwardly, “But …… but if we can’t distinguish which ship is escorted by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, it won’t be good to do timely avoidance in the future ……”

The five-star war general said coldly, “We will soon go online with a website to put all our armed escort operations on the website, and we will also disclose the information of our escorted ships to the whole society on the website.”

Hearing this, Sheikh said in an excited voice, “Great! That’s great! When the time comes, we will definitely pay attention to this website! Make a strict distinction! Never interfere with any of the ships escorted by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple! We will not infringe on each other!”

The Five Star Warlord immediately chided coldly, “What non-aggression? Do you think I’m here today to negotiate terms and cooperation with you?”

“No, no ……” Xie Xie hurriedly explained, “I didn’t mean that, Your Excellency must not be angry …… How could the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall cooperate with such uncouth pirates …… I mean, to show our respect to the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, we will definitely respect the ships escorted by the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in the future!”